12 Summer Haircuts That Embrace the Heat

12 Summer Haircuts That Embrace the Heat

Jay-Z’s Mad Mane
Jay-Z’s long, unruly twists get better with every appearance, month, year. He’s also refined his accessories game to the point where he now has a black-tie headband in his arsenal, which…respect. Dreaded guys, it might take you several summers to get to this level of perfection, but it’s well worth getting the ball rolling now.

Alberto E. Rodriguez

Seth Rogen and Pedro Pascal’s ‘70s Fuzz
Nothing says Best Summer Ever like ‘70s-era grooming. Maybe you grow your curly hair out, maybe you rock a mustache, maybe you show some chest hair or throw some aviator glasses into mix. These are personal choices that all take you to the same, extremely fun-groomed place.

Stefania D’Alessandro

Jared Leto’s Serious Flow
Jared Leto is (most recently) known for his soft, Serpico-inspired shag. Only now, it’s a whole lot longer. Dark color, lived-in, fuzzy texture: extremely enviable things are happening.

Isabel Infantes – PA Images

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