20 Ways to Make Butternut Squash Soup (and Have It Be the Star of Your Thanksgiving Table)

20 Ways to Make Butternut Squash Soup (and Have It Be the Star of Your Thanksgiving Table)

Thanksgiving is all about the company, the food (of course), and getting cozy after seconds or thirds. These butternut squash soup recipes are the perfect way to kick off the biggest meal of the year, before you dive into the main star – the turkey of course. While your guests aren’t always thinking about the appetizer on Thanksgiving (let’s be honest, we all really want the bird, the stuffing, even the veggies), but a tasty starter, like a hearty and warming butternut squash soup, may become the dish that everyone looks forward to from this year on.

While these butternut squash soup recipes will offer offer solid ways to start your best ever Thanksgiving this year, they are also perfect fall soups for any ordinary day of the season. Whether you’re looking for an easy weeknight dinner for the whole family that you can pull together in twenty minutes or if you’re on the hunt for something impressive to cook for your friends on a Saturday night, butternut squash’s sweet flavor and creamy texture, and is actually a healthy fall food!

Butternut squash is the perfect base for soup. It makes way for a creamy texture when blended into a smooth puree (so you can skip the dairy if you’re trying to make a killer vegan soup!), but if left in big, roasted chunks, butternut squash can be the perfect hearty vegetable to add to a vegetarian soup even your pickiest meat lovers will enjoy. Hunker down and cozy up for the fall and winter seasons with these warm and comforting butternut squash soup recipes.

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