30 Shocking Saved By the Bell Secrets Revealed

30 Shocking Saved By the Bell Secrets Revealed

26. Despite the Diamond-caused drama, Gosselaar recently admitted he has no bad blood with his one-time on-screen sidekick. 

“Listen, I’ve worked with actors that I couldn’t stand being in the room with. Dustin is not one of those people,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “Who cares about the book? The book was fiction…I don’t know what it was.” Still, don’t expect to see them hanging out anytime soon. 

“[It’d be like] ‘Hey, what’s going on man?'” he mused when asked what would happen if they ran into each other. “Would we go grab a beer afterwards? Probably not but that doesn’t mean anything,.” 

 And while he’d be “open to hearing anything” when it comes to a possible Saved By the Bell reboot pitch, he’s not really a fan of the reboot trend, saying, “I’m OK, I mean me personally, never seeing a reboot ever again. I like original content.” (He did clarify he is a fan of Cobra Kai, YouTube Red’s Karate Kid series.)

27. In the same interview, Gosselaar admitted that while Zack Morris was one of the coolest kids at Bayside (and on TV), he never felt like he fit in. 

“Zack Morris was a character that I created from seeing the really cool kids in my school. I was not one of those kids. I was a kid that—I wasn’t in the low end, I wasn’t in the top, I was somewhere in the middle and I would just observe, and I would see both sides of things,” he said. “But Zack was a character that I was good at playing because I could manipulate my eyebrow to kind of give me a, for lack of a better word, a smirky douchey look. And the hair, I did the hair…Uneven smile, little smirk, I had all these little things I could do to be this character, but this was not me.”

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