5 Adorable Baby Yoda Toys That Make The Perfect Gift

5 Adorable Baby Yoda Toys That Make The Perfect Gift

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or don’t have social media (er, basically the same thing these days), then you’ve probably been seeing Baby Yoda spamming your phone screens. Inspired by The Mandalorian — a series set in the Star Wars universe — the adorable figurine has been making the rounds as plush toys, Christmas sweatshirts, GIFS, memes and more. People can’t seem to get enough of this little creature. I mean, can you blame them? He’s weirdly adorable. You may think the Internet has taken this obsession too far, but “Baby Yoda Is Our God Now” according to The New York Times

“Just look at that punim! If you’re an adult, you want to nurture him; if you’re a child, you want to play with him. He is vulnerable — we are biologically wired to protect that tiny form and those big eyes — but also, from all we know of the Force and his look-alike who wielded it, almost unimaginably powerful,” The NYT’s James Poniewozik describes the Pixar character’s irresistible (and possibly magical) appeal. 

We’ll take Baby Yoda making an appearance on our feeds over that darn viral egg any day. Plus, you know it’s not just a fad when big-name toy companies start rolling out “The Child” toys for the holiday season. Here, a round-up of the most adorable Baby Yoda gifts that warrant a giant awwww upon arrival.

The Child Talking Plush Toy

Image: Amazon

Buy: The Child Talking Plush Toy 24.99

The best part about this cuddly Baby Yoda doll is the adorable sound effects that they make when you squeeze them. You’ll totally be melting.


Star Wars The Bounty Collection

Image: Hasbro


Star Wars The Bounty Collection

Get ahead of the game and pre-order three different collectible Baby Yoda toys today that will ship in May. Their different poses are fan favorites like sipping soup and blanket-wrapped.

Star Wars The Child 11″ Plush

Image: Target

This 11-inch plush toy for ages three and up is the perfect lovable creature to add to your child’s doll collection. Also, this 50-year-old species is way cuter than a stuffed animal.


POP Star Wars: Mandalorian- The Child

Image: Barnes & Nobles

Leave this Baby Yoda Vinyl figure on your child’s nightstand so that they know the force is with them while they’re asleep.


LEGO Star Wars: Attack of The Clones Yoda

Image: Amazon

Buy: LEGO Star Wars: Attack of The Clones 99.95

If your child is a The Mandalorian and LEGO fan, then they’ll fall in love with building “Attack of The Clones Yoda.” With movable fingers and toes, and a great big green Lightsaber, this gift is as authentic as it gets.

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