A Year of Lil Wayne: “MegaMan”

A Year of Lil Wayne: “MegaMan”,

Day 137: “MegaMan” – Tha Carter IV, 2011

I heard “tools on deck, Home Depot” this morning and now I’m pretty sure I should be spending my Saturday doing home improvement rather than whatever else I was considering. Also I’d like to point out that Lil Wayne has, in at least two situations I can think of, made great ventriloquism punchlines, which is the most of any rapper I know of. A compilation from me may be forthcoming. Here, it goes, “Yeah you know that money talk, I am the ventriloquist.”

Finally, holy shit, fun fact: The producer of this song is named MegaMan. Hence the title! There’s a whole interview about the song and how it came together at XXL. MegaMan touches on the title specifically:

I honestly have no idea. I was talking to Josh from Cash Money. He was like, “Congratulations.” I was asking him what the name of the song was and he said the song is called “Megaman,” and started laughing like it’s a joke. I started laughing, like, funny. I was like, “I won’t bother asking for the name, whatever.” Later on he confirmed it. We kept talking after that. Later on when they confirmed it made the album, they confirmed my track, I knew it was on there 100 percent. But he messaged me and told me “the ‘Megaman’ track was confirmed for Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV.” I said, “thanks.” I asked him, “are you gonna tell me name of track?” Actually, he messaged me and said, “the track is still named ‘Megaman’,” and laughed. So I thought it was joke. Come to know, I get a call from Folk and he had gotten the tracklist and it was indeed called “Megaman.” That’s how it became. I have no idea why, Wayne’s just trying to bless me with it.

Shouts out to MegaMan.

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