Advertisment – New ads policy

Advertisment – Ads With Us

Hello! to any one who have interest to add its own ads into our website.

This service managed by, if you want to cooperate with us and add your ads into our website,

Please follow link:  Get an offer for your Ads

Last months as you might already know we had add ads from some very well known ads platforms but this policy of free to anyone who this platforms choose to cooperate without almost any real control from us and as these ads most times bothering our visitors we decide to Change it all.

From September we shall start a new ads policy, we shall remove all ads platforms and we will add only ads from clients who want to cooperate straight with us without any middle platform or advertisement company or etc.


do you really want to control where your ads will appear or you want to cooperate with all these ads platforms in which you don’t have a real control.

do you still pay huge amounts for services which you do not control.

Your side working hard to create a new product or to provide a new service your team working hard how to promote them or you and at the end you don’t really konw who is reading your ads

Both of our sides we create our websites, we all pay for hosting – servers – themes, we are all time in alert as to keep them safe, we spend amazing time onto our websites as to make them better and all these platforms or social media makes millions up to billions against our work….,

So we shall stop it, from September we shall offer some unique ads places, (common and well known as like header, sidebar, under post etc.), on per month bases and with standard prices, not per view, not per click, not, not, not, …. your ads will be always there for at least a month with no any other competitor.

This service will be applied by and all of our future clients will know that their ads appear always into our websites.

We shall not use popups or scripts or …., simply banners with your images or text or audio or video…., with your LINK.

This service it’s not ready yet, is in testing mode now but anyone who would like to cooperate with us, can go to, create an account. open a ticket and express your interest to add your ads into our website and will reply to you with our offer.

With our best Regards