Aftermath of crushing Giants loss was telling look at Joe Judge

Aftermath of crushing Giants loss was telling look at Joe Judge

This is the way.

The Mandalorians never, ever take off their helmets. And Joe Judge never, ever criticizes his players in public — not even Evan Engram for his failure to secure a reception that would have secured a rare and cherished victory for the Giants. Instead, Thursday night became a familiar and repugnant defeat thrown onto a heaping pile of them.

The Way of the Mandalore is also the Way of Judge. Both are hunting — bounties for Din Djarin, NFL wins for Judge — and both are devotees of protecting fellow followers.

Even if they might be unworthy.

With the Giants leading the Eagles 21-16 at Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday night, what went down on third-and-7 from the Giants’ 47-yard line as the two-minute warning neared might have been viewed, in retrospect, as the signature throw of Daniel Jones’ early career, the coming-out-party of Jason Garrett’s run as offensive coordinator and the play that propelled Judge through his rookie season. When Engram broke free on the left side in Eagles territory, and Jones’ lob rose and then dropped out of the sky, the Giants were a catch away from victory. Instead, the ball slipped through Engram’s hands.

The Giants lost, 22-21, to fall to 1-6.

Joe Judge
Joe JudgeN.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg

Former coach Tom Coughlin very likely would have been incredulous and, in animated fashion, urged Engram to “Catch the ball!’’ while using his arms and hands to pantomime an over-the-shoulder grab. Then he would have verbally patted Engram on the back rather than verbally shoving him under a bus.

Judge? Seldom (never) is heard a discouraging word.

“Everyone’s got their own style right there,’’ Judge said Friday. “To me, across the board it’s easy to play Monday morning quarterback for a lot of people. We expect our players to be able to perform in critical situations. Evan put us in position to be in that part of the game. We’ll address that internally on how we have to do things. However some other coach wants to handle that, that’s on them.’’

Engram might be back in 2021 or he might be gone. Many players on Judge’s first Giants roster will pass through, here today, gone tomorrow. Judge is in the first year of a five-year contract and will be around for a while. It’s important to decipher and analyze his style because it is the style that will permeate the entire operation.

Someday, if winning ever arrives again on the Giants’ doorstep, the seeds Judge is planting now will flourish and we will be able to look back and realize how it all sprouted. The way he handled his most agonizing loss yet — blowing a 21-10 lead in the final 6:17 — was revealing for what Judge said without saying it: We are not good enough to win right now.

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