Anberlin Have Updated Their Social Media And Relaunched Their Website

2018: the year of the reunion?

Four years after calling it a day, it looks as if Anberlin could be teasing a return.

Overnight Anberlin updated all of their social media with a new photo, and relaunched their website with the same photo. 

The photo is a shot of the whole band, taped together. Is the taped together photo a visual metaphor for being pieced back together? For reforming?

Anberlin called it a day at the end of 2014 with the release of their album ‘Lowborn’, and even did a farewell tour. 

But now, could it be? After four years, could Anberlin be back? Could they be teasing a return?

If so, they’d be following a trend set by Man Overboard and Every Avenue who both reformed earlier this year. 

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