Andrew Yang: A Worthy Pickup Basketball Teammate?

Andrew Yang: A Worthy Pickup Basketball Teammate?

Andrew Yang is a Democratic candidate for President of the United States, and as such, he’s been traveling around the country to discuss his platform with potential voters. Yang also loves basketball—he says it’s his stress reliever—and hasn’t been shy about releasing footage of shootarounds and pickup games wherever he goes. The race’s foremost universal basic income enthusiast recently challenged Donald Trump to a game of one-on-one, which is the least impressive challenge you could issue to anyone about anything, and has flirted with the idea of a pickup game against Texas senator Ted Cruz, who once played one-on-one against Jimmy Kimmel for two hours.

This morning, I came across a Deadspin post featuring more extensive and perhaps less selectively-edited footage of Yang hooping, which at last provides the opportunity to answer the only basketball-related question that matters: Would you want Andrew Yang on your pickup team?


Not terrible at dribbling

In the following clip, Yang is going up against a Georgetown college student wearing perhaps the most Georgetown college student outfit imaginable. The college student doesn’t appear to be trying very hard, which is fair, but Yang, 44, successfully completes two between-the-legs dribbles before pulling off a genuinely decent hesitation move en route to the bucket.

Can make a layup

Yang is capable of driving to the hoop in one fluid motion. That in itself demonstrates more skill than many, many other pickup players.

Willing to post up smaller defenders

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