Apple Event 2019: New iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 5, iPads, and More

Apple Event 2019: New iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 5, iPads, and More

Apple also announced the upgraded versions of the phone, it’s new Pro line. The 11 Pro has a 5.8-inch screen and the 11 Pro Max has a 6.5 inch screen. Both have OLED panels that feature what Apple calls a Super Retina XDR display, which is brighter and more energy efficient than previous models, as well as the A13 chip. Apple says that these phones should get 5 more hours off battery life than last year’s comparable iPhone XS and XS Max. But the biggest distinguisher is that the Pro phones add a third back lens. That three lens system looks a little wonky, it’s been compared to bowling ball finger holds and a coconut, but it appears to be the makings of the best camera Apple has ever made.

If you’re in the market for a new iPhone, the $700 iPhone 11 is the obvious value option. If you want the best iPhone camera possible, the iPhone 11 Pro starts at $1,000 and the 11 Pro Max starts at $1,100. The new phones are available for preorder on Friday, September 13th at 8 AM EST. If you don’t mind an older phone, the iPhone 8 starts at $450.

The always-on screen of the Apple Watch Series 5

There’s a new watch: Apple Watch Series 5

The new Apple Watch is basically the same as the previous Apple Watch, but with some new design options and one desperately-requested upgrade: an always-on display. Finally, no need to twist your arm in the right way just to glance at the time. Despite this, Apple claims the Series 5 has the same 18-hour battery life as the last model. The Series 5 also now comes in titanium (both gray and black) and ceramic (as white as Tom Cruise’s teeth).

Also new in the Apple Watch Series 5: a compass, which means mapping apps will be able to tell which direction you’re moving. Cellular models also include emergency international calling for free. Outdoorsy people will find the Apple Watch that much more useful for survival…so long as they still have battery.

You can preorder the Apple Watch Series 5 (starting at $400 for the GPS model and $500 for the cellular) today, though it won’t be in stores until September 20th. If you’re still on the fence about taking the Apple Watch plunge, you can now get the Series 3 for a new low price of $200.

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