Ariel Winter’s Hottest Halloween Costumes Ever: Playboy Bunny & More

Ariel Winter’s Hottest Halloween Costumes Ever: Playboy Bunny & More

Over the years, Ariel Winter has had many amazing Halloween costumes. From a Playboy bunny to a Greek goddess, these are her hottest Halloween costumes.

Modern Family may have ended, but Ariel Winter’s love for Halloween is eternal. The actress, best known for her role as Alex Dunphy, has proven repeatedly that her heart beats black and orange. When Oct. 31 rolls around, Ariel shows up and shows out with her costumes. From dressing up as Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin in 2012 to going as a sexy skeleton in 2017 to being Elastigirl/Mrs. Incredible in 2018, Ariel is always gunning for the title of “Queen of Halloween.”

In 2016 alone, Ariel rocked four incredible Halloween costumes. Every one of them was totally different and totally hot! First, she stepped out as a Playboy bunny. She had the iconic look down — the strapless bodysuit, ears, and tail. But this was just one of many Halloween costumes for Ariel. Next, she was clearly inspired by Emma Stone’s character, Olive, in Easy A. The outfit included an all-black corset one-piece, high heels, and a big red “A” on her chest. Ariel and Olive have a similar cause that they’re passionate about. Olive decided to use what she learned from the classic novel, The Scarlet Letter, to stand against slut-shaming. Ariel is constantly shutting down slut-shamers and body-shamers on social media who want to tear her and other girls down.

Ariel Winter, dressed as Elvira From ‘Scarface’ (Faye Sadou/MediaPunch/IPx)

The Modern Family starlet went for a super spooky and sexy look for Just Jared’s annual Halloween bash in 2016. She dressed up in a sexy nurse costume and had her face painted to channel her inner zombie. To top it all off, she rocked a platinum blonde wig that gave off serious Daenerys Targaryen vibes. Finally, Ariel transformed into a Greek goddess. She really goes all out for Halloween, doesn’t she?

Sometimes, Ariel has had some help when it comes to Halloween. When she was dating Levi Meaden, the two would dress in couples’ costumes for the holiday. Levi was also a scary skeleton in 2017, painting his face like he was a member of The Misfits. In 2018, he and Ariel transformed themselves into Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson. Unfortunately, like Kid Rock and Pamela’s marriage, Levi and Ariel’s romance didn’t stand the test of time. The couple split in 2019 after three years together.

Ariel Winter and then-boyfriend Levi Meaden (SplashNews)

However, Ariel got back up on that horse after the breakup, and she seemingly channeled this spirit in her 2019 outfit. “Just a cowgirl lost in space,” Ariel captioned the photo of her alien-green space cowgirl outfit. The costume included a pair of sheer green pants, a matching off-the-shoulder crop top, and a matching green bikini (which was visible through the thin fabric.) There’s a little bit of sex appeal in every one of Ariel’s outfits. It just appears to be her brand, and she’s living it proudly.

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