Bella Thorne Gets Major Love From Lucy Hale, Logan Paul & More After Speaking Out About Private Photo Leak

Bella Thorne Gets Major Love From Lucy Hale, Logan Paul & More After Speaking Out About Private Photo Leak

After Bella released her explicit photos herself and ‘took her power back,’ celebs have come forward to show her support.

Bella Thorne, 21, won’t be silenced, and others are commending her for it. The star was caught in a photo scandal a few days ago when a hacker threatened to post her nude photos without her consent. Bella bravely didn’t let this person control her, and instead posted the pics herself, and friends are commending her for her bravery. Lucy Hale, 30, privately direct messaged Bella in response to her Instagram Story of her crying over backlash. “Good for you baby girl,” Lucy said in her message. “I’m so proud of you for speaking up.”

Lucy continued, “This breaks my heart. But you’re making a difference for other girls and women!” Lucy’s message came after Bella was critiqued by Whoopi Goldberg, 63, on The View. Bella captioned her post, “When ur friends come out of the woodworks to support u is all u need to be brave. PART ONE and thank u @dovecameron for speaking up SO much on this matter and posting on your grid.”

Bella posted her friend Dove Cameron’s message of support, as well, on her Instagram Story. “[Whoopi Goldberg], really not cute of you to infer that women who take sexual photos of themselves (which is perfectly fine and healthy and we need to de-stigmatize) deserve to have it leaked for the whole world to see when [its] intentions were intimate. Slut shaming is OLD and you are out of line. NOT what I would teach my daughter. Not progressive.” Dove also tweeted, “Where is the support for young women. I love women. Everyone should love women. Don’t be an *sshole! Sexuality is part of being HUMAN. but judgment and objectification is not. ugh, i can’t handle to [get] ugly. [Whoopi Goldberg] please, be better. I don’t even have any kind words for you.” Dove shared a few more thoughts on Twitter and resposted them to her Instagram feed.

Paris Hilton, 38, and Logan Paul, 24, also showed support for the actress. Paris commented with a heart-eyes emoji and hugging emoji, and Logan commented, “love you Bella.” We’re relieved to see Bella get so much support during this situation after she faced public slut-shaming from her private photos. We hope Bella continues to get the support she needs.

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