Bella Thorne Having Time Of Her Life With New Italian Boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo: Why He’s ‘Perfect’ For Her

Bella Thorne Having Time Of Her Life With New Italian Boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo: Why He’s ‘Perfect’ For Her

Bella Thorne’s new boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo is ‘perfect’ for her, a source EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife. The couple has been together since April.

Bella Thorne, 21, is moving on from Mod Sun, 35, with her new boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo, 26, and a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that they’re in love! “Bella is having the time of her life in Italy, she has fallen head over heels for Ben, they’re already using the ‘L word,’ it’s all very intense but that’s typical of Bella,” they said. “She always falls in love quickly. Her and Ben have been together 24/7 since she got to Italy, she’s just she’s just been going along for the ride with him while he plays his shows.”

“Bella loves electronic music, she loves to dance so this is kind of a dream for herhe’s perfect for her,” our source added about Bella’s boyfriend who’s in . “Only time will tell if they will last but at the moment it’s red hot.” Bella and Benjamin were first seen in April 2019, which coincidentally, was the same weekend her relationship with Mod Sun publicly ended. Bella and Benjamin have gone Instagram official, and seem to be a-okay with their PDA!

Another source had previously told HL that “they’re crazy about each other.” They added, “They had to be apart the past couple of weeks but they’re in constant contact, he FaceTimes her at least once a day but usually more. He’s been sending her lots of flowers, he’s a very romantic guy, very sweet to Bella. And she thinks he’s so gorgeous. Who knows if this will last but right now it’s very full on, she’s only got eyes for him.”

Someone else close to Bella added several weeks ago, “Bella truly wants to be in a relationship. This relationship is very, very new, not more than a month old. She put it on her vision board recently that she wanted a boyfriend.”

We’ve loved seeing pics of the new couple, and are happy Bella has found someone she reportedly loves. We can’t wait to see more from this happy duo!

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