Beth Chapman Yanked Out IV & Forced Doctors To Put Her Under Medically Induced Coma At Hospital

Beth Chapman Yanked Out IV & Forced Doctors To Put Her Under Medically Induced Coma At Hospital

Beth Chapman has always been a fighter, but it worked against her when she got agitated and yanked out IV lines in the hospital. That required doctors to make the move to put her in a medically induced coma.

Duane “Dog” Chapman‘s wife Beth is as tough as they come, but she was fighting treatment in the emergency room after being rushed to the hospital on June 22. Her brave battle with throat cancer has been a hard one and she was in a great deal of pain and in need of oxygen when she was rushed from her home in Hawaii to Queen’s Medical Center per TMZ, which a source close to the situation confirms to She was so agitated that she started yanking out the IV lines doctors put in to give her fluids and much-needed medications.

Because of her agitated state she was mildly sedated but that didn’t have much effect on her, which forced doctors to put her into a medically induced coma the site reports and our sources confirm. We’ve learned EXCLUSIVELY that she’s surrounded by family members in the hospital at her bedside.

The Dog The Bounty Hunter star had successfully beaten throat cancer in 2017, but it returned in Nov. of 2018. She initially underwent a round of chemotherapy, but decided over the winter to turn to natural treatments instead, including CBD (Cannibis) oil. She explained her decision in a February tweet that read: “We need to all be far more open-minded to new treatments. Israel is leading the world in these studies. We no longer need to poison patients to get them well,” referring to rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, along with the hashtag #cancersucks.

However, Dr. Adil Akhtar, an oncologist and palliative care expert, told us that there are no studies that have shown that CBD can control let alone cure cancer. “It is my understanding that when her cancer came back in November of last year, she did receive aggressive chemotherapy initially. The role of CBD in cancer treatment in not established, although there are studies that are ongoing. According to the American Cancer Society, so far studies have not shown CBD to help control or cure cancer.”

So far there’s no new updates on Beth’s condition other than that she’s still in the medically induced coma. On June 22 Duane tweeted “Please say your prayers for Beth right now. Thank you love you,” then followed it up with a statement about her hospitalization and that his family “humbly ask everyone to please pray for Beth.”

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