Cardi B ‘In Talks’ To Play Fran Drescher’s Daughter In ‘The Nanny’ Reboot & Fans Are Furious

Cardi B ‘In Talks’ To Play Fran Drescher’s Daughter In ‘The Nanny’ Reboot & Fans Are Furious

Cardi B could be making a TV comeback, as Fran Drescher revealed she’s ‘in talks’ with the rapper to star alongside her in a reboot of ‘The Nanny’! Unfortunately, fans aren’t thrilled about it.

Cardi B, 26, first rose to fame on social media before she landed a spot on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York, and now, it looks like the rapper could be making a return to the small screen! TV icon Fran Drescher, 61, recently revealed to Extra that she’s in talks with Cardi B’s camp about the unlikely duo starring in a reboot of The Nanny as mother and daughter. And Fran, who played Fran Fine on the series, gives Cardi B credit for the idea! She claims she first came up with the idea after Cardi B paid tribute to her with an animal print outfit during Milan’s Fashion Week.

“She started it because she kind of paid homage to me, putting our pictures side by side when she was wearing animal print and it was me in animal from The Nanny and that just went viral,” Fran said. “That got my creative juices going. [I’m] talking to her representation. It’s really getting me excited. It’s fresh and it could be super fun.” Cardi B even seems to agree, as she shared the news on her Instagram page just a few days ago ago said, “IM WITH IT !!!!This makes me so happy cause i love [Fran] ❤️.”

The Nanny first ran on CBS for 6 seasons between 1993 and 1999, and was a fan favorite. But those same fans aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of Cardi B starring in a possible reboot of the series. As soon as Fran’s interview emerged, Twitter started freaking out over this TV news. One Twitter user wrote, “I love Cardi B but can we leave The Nanny as it was — don’t ruin it,” while another added, “@frandrescher The Nanny is CLASSY with amazing moral fiber and positive lessons for young women! I’m SO disappointed to hear you’re ruining things with trash like Cardi B! What about Sheffield?! I am your biggest fan but this whole idea is down right disgusting. Don’t do it.” Yikes!

Fortunately, a few people are here for this potential reboot, as one Twitter user wrote, “@iamcardib having a major roll in a reboot of the nanny would complete my life.”

As far as whether or not a reboot will actually happen — only time will tell.

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