Caroline Manzo Teases A Return To TV 6 Years After Leaving ‘RHONJ’: ‘Something Good Is Coming’

Caroline Manzo Teases A Return To TV 6 Years After Leaving ‘RHONJ’: ‘Something Good Is Coming’

Caroline Manzo is teasing that she’s returning to TV. Fans are speculating if she’s working on a  possible cooking show with the big clue that she taased

Caroline Manzo departed the Real Housewives of New Jersey after its fifth season in 2013. She was offered a part time role on the current season 10 but turned it down, calling it “insulting.” Now it appears she’s returning to TV, although it’s not clear in what capacity. The 58-year-old took to Instagram on Nov. 18 and showed a photo of a camera monitor on her home’s kitchen island looking across to her stove and countertops and captioned it “Something good is coming 😉.”

Her son Albie played curious in the comments, writing, “What? What’s coming? What is it? I’ve got trust issues when it comes to cameras, man.” Many thought that from the kitchen setting, she’d be doing a cooking show. belladragonfly714 asked, “Cooking with Caroline?” while pattymc58 cheered on. “Cooking with the 👏Manzos 👏 or Momma Manzo’s kitchen 👏.” Fan chattykathycooks wrote, “Can hardly wait !!!! Yay!! Cooking with Caroline ! Mangia with Manzo !!” Caroline is very familiar with the food business, as her husband Albert is co-owner of an events and catering space called The Brownstone in Patterson, NJ.

Others were just happy that Caroline could be back on TV again. After she left RHONJ, she did three seasons on Bravo’s Manzo’d with Children focusing on her family before it was cancelled. Fan listbeautybucket wrote, “Caroline are we going to see u on our screens again?? Please say yes we need an authentic genuine person come on Caroline xxxx,” while user bevlgkauf  added “Yay! I’m excited. For us and for you. Have fun.” Fan melissakakozyousif told Caroline, “Anything you’re involved in will be wonderful to watch!!!”

Caroline revealed on her son’s Dear Albie podcast featuring Albie and her other son Chris that she turned down a return to the current season 10 of RHONJ after she found the offer “insulting.” On the Apr. 2, 2019, she said that, “They wanted me back to see how I blend with the women — that’s an insult. I helped build that show. I wasn’t the cause of that success, I was part of that puzzle. A very, very important puzzle. Point is, you don’t insult me like that. You don’t insult me like that by saying, ‘Let’s see how you do.’ You know how I’m going to do. You know how I’m going to blend, and you know what I’m going to bring.”

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