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Diplo Reminds Us He Looks Just as Good With Clothes On

Diplo Reminds Us He Looks Just as Good With Clothes On

As we learned in GQ’s recent profile of super-DJ Diplo, his natural state is somewhere, anywhere, shirtless: “There’s Diplo, shirtless on a mountain. Diplo, shirtless in an airplane bathroom. Diplo, shirtless in his Calvin Klein underwear ad. Diplo, shirtless, gazing into a body of water, possibly with an erection.” That’s all well and good. But today, Diplo reminded us he looks just as good without his chest bared to the world.

At the latest Louis Vuitton runway show, Diplo arrived in—naturally!—head to toe Louis Vuitton. There’s the topcoat with lapels so sharp they were forced to change the name of the recent Adam Sandler movie to Cut Gems, what appear to be LV’s new “construction boots” (clearly Abloh’s three-percent tweak on Timberland’s iconic silhouette), and orange-tinted aviators that no one should look this good in. Somehow, Diplo manages to top the entire outfit off with a cowboy hat and make that work, too. High-fashion streetwear meets country-western darling is a recipe for the Big Fit of the Day we haven’t seen before, but one we’re so happy to meet.

Diplo at Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2020 Menswear presentation in Paris, January 16, 2020.Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Source : The Editors of GQ Link

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