Celebrities who have been estranged from family

Celebrities who have been estranged from family

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While on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” Caitlyn Jenner opened up about the rift between her and stepdaughter Khloé Kardashian, with whom she was once very close. When talking about how she revealed her gender identity to her children, Caitlyn said, “I went through every kid and Khloé for some reason was pissed off about something through this whole process, it’s been five or six years and I really haven’t talked to her since.” Khloé has spoken about her frustration with Caitlyn after she wrote negative and personal remarks about Kris Jenner in her book, “The Secrets of My Life.” Caitlyn came into Khloé’s life at age 6 when she started dating Kris Jenner in 1990. She married Kris in 1991 before they divorced in 2015.


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Anthony Hopkins doesn’t seem to mind that he’s estranged from his daughter Abigail Hopkins. He told The Radio Times, “People break up, families split and, you know, get on with your life. People make choices. I don’t care one way or the other.” Anthony married his first wife, Petronella Parker, in 1966. They welcomed Abigail, who is now 48, in 1969, before divorcing in 1972. Anthony and Abigail briefly reunited in the ’90s when they acted alongside each other.

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Ariel Winter's mom says she has no naked pictures of her daughter Shanelle

“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter emancipated herself from her mother, Crystal Workman, at the age of 17 after she alleged that her mother was controlling, sexualized her and restricted her food while growing up. Although her mother is no longer in her life, Ariel wouldn’t change a thing. “Even though I wish I had a better childhood, I wouldn’t trade it, because it made me who I am today. I still respect the people that hurt me.”


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Eric Roberts suspects that his substance abuse issues led to problems with his sister, Julia Roberts. He told Vanity Fair, “I was exhausting to be around: complainy, blamey, unable to enjoy enjoyment. Everyone in my world needed a break sometimes, and that must have included Julia.” The two communicate through e-mail only these days.

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9th Annual Family Television Awards - Arrivals

When David Cassidy died in 2017, his daughter Katie Cassidy found out that she had been left out of his will. David told People months before his death, “I was her biological father but I didn’t raise her. She has a completely different life.” They did reconcile, though, prior to his death.

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Ariel Winter's mom says she has no naked pictures of her daughter Shanelle

Football star Aaron Rodgers’ severed ties with his family were talked about while his brother Jordan Rodgers appeared on “The Bachelorette.” While the reasons are unclear, their father commented, “One in the news is enough for us. Fame can change things.”


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Oliver Hudson captioned this family snap with his father, Bill Hudson, and sister Kate Hudson with the caption ” Happy abandonment day.” He revealed to Larry King that they are now “texting.”


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5th Annual Rosie's Theater Kids Spring Benefit

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Tamra Judge has documented her struggles with her daughter, Sidney, on “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Which may be the problem. Sidney reportedly doesn’t like the media attention, and a short- lived reconciliation was ruined once Tamra posted an Instagram photo of them together. Tamra shares Sidney with her ex-husband Simon Barney, along with daughter Sophia and son Spencer.


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WE tv Celebrates The Return Of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta

Kenya Moore was raised by her aunt and grandmother after her mother had her as a teenager. The relationship has been strained ever since, and Kenya has written on her Bravo blog, “Since birth, my mother made the decision at age 16 to pretend she never had me. She has never spoken to me. Even if present in the same room with other people and family, she pretends that I simply don’t exist. She pretends I’m invisible.”

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