Charlie Sheen Desperate To Find Parents As They Go Missing During Wildfires: ‘Please’ Help Me

Charlie Sheen Desperate To Find Parents As They Go Missing During Wildfires: ‘Please’ Help Me

Famous ‘Apocalypse Now’ actor Martin Sheen, and his wife Janet, were among the Malibu evacuees who fled the Woolsey fire — but their son Charlie can’t find them.

Charlie Sheen, 53, has lost contact with his parents Martin Sheen, the star of iconic films like Apocalypse Now and The Way, and Janet. The married couple evacuated to Malibu’s Zuma Beach as the Woolsey fire scorched 35,000 acres by the night of Nov. 9, according to ABC 7. But Charlie hasn’t been able to get his parents on the phone, and is now asking for the public’s help to locate them. “I cannot get ahold of my parents, Martin and Janet Sheen,” he tweeted on Friday night. “They are in the group, at the staging ground near Zuma Beach. If anyone has eyes on them, please let me know that they are safe and sound in the middle of this horrific scenario.”

Zuma Beach’s parking lots are also being used as a “staging area for Fire Apparatus as well as an evacuation site for large animals,” the lifeguard division of the Los Angeles County Fire Department tweeted on Nov. 9. Charlie’s distressed plea adds to the growing number of social media posts that celebrities have fired off in the wake of this natural disaster. Bella Hadid, 22, who calls Malibu her hometown, even posted a screengrab of news coverage from Zuma Beach to her Instagram Story. “I can’t believe this…I hope everyone is safe. So many memories..feels heartbreaking to call your friends & their parents to make sure they’ve evacuated their homes of 30+ years,” the model wrote over the picture.

Meanwhile, other celebrities have joined Martin and Janet as evacuees. As we’ve told you, Kardashian sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney were all forced to flee their Hidden Hills and Calabasas residences. Singer Melissa Etheridge and actress Alyssa Milano were also forced to evacuate. Kylie Jenner, who’s currently on the East Coast for Travis Scott’s Astroworld tour, said the fire was “so close” to her house, and the same applied to other stars like Iggy Azalea, Will Smith and Lady Gaga, who all shared smoky pictures and videos from their residences. But most tragic of all was the news that Caitlyn Jenner’s home reportedly burned down in the Woolsey fire, which TMZ reported on Friday afternoon.

Courtesy of Bella Hadid’s Instagram

Sadly, the flames have even reached the Bachelor mansion on Nov. 9, which has hosted countless rose ceremonies. Luckily, the mansion was empty, and we’re praying even more homes were deserted before the fire passed through affected neighborhoods.

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