Colton Underwood Gets Cassie Randolph’s Engagement Ring & Says She’s His ‘Future Wife’

Colton Underwood Gets Cassie Randolph’s Engagement Ring & Says She’s His ‘Future Wife’

While Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph decided to just be boyfriend and girlfriend at the end of ‘The Bachelor,’ he now has a Neil Lane diamond engagement ring to give his ‘future wife.’

After an epic two night The Bachelor finale, Colton Underwood finally got his wish to be with his true love Cassie Randolph, even though she wasn’t ready to get engaged. That meant he missed out on the chance to give her a multi-carat Neil Lane diamond engagement ring, but Jimmy Kimmel had the 27-year-old covered. Colton and Cassie appeared on his ABC late night show after the finale in their first press appearance and the pair revealed that they’re now somewhere between boyfriend and girlfriend and engaged couple. Jimmy wanted to make sure that Colton still had some serious bling to give the 23-year-old when the right time comes.

After the pair gushed about how happy and in love they are, and Colton called Cassie his “future wife,” Jimmy whipped out a black jewelry box. He told Colton that Neil Lane had picked the bauble out so that when he decides to finally pop the question, Cassie gets a ring worthy of a Bachelor finalist. At first the couple thought Jimmy was joking, until Colton opened up the box to show a large emerald cut diamond surrounded by smaller stones. It was the real deal! Jimmy assured Colton that he could go to the famed Beverly Hills jeweler and switch it out for one of his and Cassie’s own choice. But how sweet is it that even though Cassie stuck to her guns that she wasn’t ready for marriage, when she is she’ll sport the same bling as other women who have been given the show’s final rose.

Just before Colton and Cassie’s stop by Jimmy’s show, Bachelor Nation watched as he desperately sought out Cassie before she left Portugal to get another chance at love with her. He convinced her that he was willing to wait as long as it took for her to fully fall in love with him because she was the only woman he wanted. She agreed to meet his family who were waiting in Spain, and in the end Cassie and Colton even spent their first night together in a fantasy suite..even though Colton wouldn’t say if he was no longer a virgin after the experience.

Colton managed to achieve a rather unenviable Bachelor first — he ended up with no final rose ceremony and no contestants left at the end after dumping finalists Hannah G and Tayshia in the part one finale because he was only in love with Cassie. The 23-year-old speech therapist had broken things off with Colton in the prior episode, telling him she wasn’t sure if she was “in” love with him and that she was definitely not ready for marriage. That caused him to lose it and jump a fence while contemplating quitting the show. But in the end true love prevailed. Jimmy even praised Cassie and Colton for being “the only couple who handled it like human beings because it’s preposterous to get engaged at the end of this period” that is the short filming window of The Bachelor.

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