Daily Horoscope: December 5, 2020

Daily Horoscope: December 5, 2020

The moon in Leo connects with the sun at 9:41 AM, and we’re feeling like we are on the right track—but desires are kicked up as the moon clashes with love and money planet Venus at 4:47 PM. The moon connects with fiery Mars at 5:28 PM, bringing a boost in energy before we enjoy sweet Venus’s smooth connection with dreamy Neptune at 11:54 PM, inspiring love and creativity!

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It’s a powerful day for emotional connection, healing, and closure. A sweet finishing touch is put on something that needs it. Darling Venus mingles with dreamy Neptune, and your intuition and sensitivity are boosted. The moon in Leo brings romance and creativity your way.


Your ruling planet Venus makes a harmonious connection with dreamy Neptune today, making for a magical moment in your relationships! Peace and harmony flow. The moon in Leo finds you getting cozy at home.


Sweet Venus mingles with dreamy Neptune, bringing you a massive boost in creativity, which bodes especially well for your career. The moon in Leo helps communication along.


What a magical weekend for love, dear Cancer! Sexy Venus in fellow water sign Scorpio mingles with dreamy Neptune in sentimental Pisces, sweeping you off your feet! Even if you’re not looking to smooch, this is a great time for fun and creativity.


It’s a powerful day for emotional processing as the planet of love and beauty, Venus, connects with the planet of redemption, Neptune. The moon is in your sign, encouraging you to ask for what you want!


The moon in Leo encourages you to catch up on rest today, but the mood is also especially romantic as darling Venus mingles with dreamy Neptune. It’s a lovely time to connect!


Your ruling planet Venus connects with Neptune, boding well for finances, but also for creativity. Artist blocks are busted! It’s also an exciting time for your social life as gregarious Leo connects with action planet Mars.


Sexy Venus is in your sign, finding you feeling especially charming, and today it mingles with dreamy Neptune, which bodes especially well for your love life and creative endeavors!


The moon in fellow fire sign Leo finds you in an adventurous mood today, Sagittarius! Exciting opportunities are coming in. Venus mingles with Neptune, finding you in an open-hearted and sentimental mood. You’re always generous, but especially so today.


Sweet Venus connects with dreamy Neptune, making for a magical day in your social life. It’s a lovely time for communication. The moon in Leo encourages you to release the past.


It’s an exciting time in your career as Venus connects with Neptune, bringing good luck when it comes to popularity and reward! The moon is in your opposite sign Leo, helping you understand your partners’ perspectives.


What a magical moment for love, dear Pisces! Sexy Venus in Scorpio aligns with your ruling planet Neptune, opening you up to some inspiring new connections and opportunities, as well as deepening the bonds you already have.

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