Daily Horoscope: November 28, 2020

Daily Horoscope: November 28, 2020

The moon in Taurus connects with Neptune at 11:29 AM, inspiring a sentimental atmosphere before Neptune ends its retrograde at 7:37 PM, which may find us feeling a little low energy and sensitive, but also creatively inspired. It’s a lovely time to get lost in a fantasy world, so binge your favorite series! Avoid making important decisions at this time; just let your mind rest and wander. The moon connects with Pluto at 9:39 PM, and we’re feeling powerful. Messenger planet Mercury connects with jovial Jupiter at 9:51 PM, inspiring big ideas, and it’s a great moment for brainstorming and discussing possibilities. Optimism flows.

All times ET.


You’re feeling sleepy as Neptune ends its retrograde, so don’t overbook yourself today. That’s easier said than done as Mercury mingles with Jupiter, finding you excitedly making plans!


You might be feeling iffy about some of your friendships right now as Neptune ends its retrograde, but you’re also feeling inspired about expanding your social circle and connecting with people. Mercury and Jupiter connect, finding your partners sharing big ideas.


Neptune ends its retrograde and activates the career sector of your chart, finding you feeling especially glamorous and popular, but possibly confused about your direction and goals. Your ruling planet Mercury mingles with lucky Jupiter, bringing big news.


Neptune ends its retrograde, finding you leaning into your spiritual practice and reflecting on your beliefs about life and the world. Deep thoughts abound today; your partners are also expressing their hopes and dreams as Mercury mingles with Jupiter.


Neptune ends its retrograde today, and while you’re feeling especially creative today, it’s not the time to pump out some work. Take some time and space to rest. Mercury mingles with Jupiter, and it’s a great time to brainstorm.


It’s a meaningful time in your relationships as Neptune ends its retrograde: Fantasy and romance are in the air, but you may also feel confused about where things are heading. Your ruling planet Mercury connects with lucky Jupiter, finding you having big, exciting conversations.


Neptune ends its retrograde today, encouraging you to take a rest from all the hard work you’ve been doing. Now is the time to daydream, not worry about details, especially as Mercury and Jupiter make a harmonious connection in the sky.


Romance is in the air as Neptune ends its retrograde, but don’t rush into any decisions just yet. It’s time to brainstorm as Mercury mingles with Jupiter: Big ideas are being brewed up, but we need some time before we put things into action.


You’re in a sentimental, nostalgic mood as Neptune ends its retrograde. It’s a lovely time to energetically cleanse your home. Chatty Mercury mingles with your ruling planet Jupiter, finding you having exciting conversations about wealth and abundance.


Your creativity is high today, but watch out for miscommunication as Neptune ends its retrograde. That said, it’s still a lovely time to connect with friends and network as chatty Mercury mingles with Jupiter.


Neptune retrograde ends today and you’re feeling abundant and creatively inspired—but don’t making any decisions just yet, especially about finances. Big ideas are shared as Mercury connects with Jupiter, and this bodes well for your career, but don’t set things in stone right now.


Both of your ruling planets, Neptune and Jupiter, are active today! Neptune retrograde ends, and you’re feeling highly connected to your intuition. Mercury mingles with Jupiter, finding you expanding your social circle.

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