Daily Horoscope: November 30, 2020

Daily Horoscope: November 30, 2020

A lunar eclipse in Gemini arrives at 4:30 AM, bringing unexpected information and changing the way we relate to the everyday world, our routines, and to each other. The way we think and talk about things is changing; new language is introduced and old ways of thinking are released. This is a powerful time for letting go, and there is a fated feeling in the air. Helping us stay grounded through all this change is messenger planet Mercury’s connection with Saturn at 2:01 PM. The moon connects with fiery Mars at 9:13 PM, boosting our energy—but make plenty of time to rest as the moon clashes with dreamy Neptune at 11:23 PM.

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Paradigm shifting conversations take place with today’s lunar eclipse in Gemini. Your perspective is radically transformed. Mercury connects with Saturn, helping you hammer out solid agreements.


A breakthrough is taking place in your finances, but today’s energy may also feel quite turbulent: Emotions are high and so much is changing! Mercury and Saturn make a helpful connection, boding well for partnership.


There is a lunar eclipse in your sign today, Gemini! This means you are letting go of outdated modes of being, saying goodbye to things you no longer need in your life. It’s time to let go. Your ruling planet Mercury connects with the planet of structure, Saturn, helping you with these adjustments.


You’re waking up from wild dreams and finding your intuition and imagination especially lit up with today’s lunar eclipse in Gemini! Make time for extra rest.


Today’s lunar eclipse in Gemini creates big change in your social life. You may be saying goodbye to some friends or leaving a community, or finding yourself engaging with a new crew.


It’s a major moment in your career thanks to today’s lunar eclipse in Gemini. Power is changing hands. You’re letting go of some old ideas about what success means to you, and realizing what you want next. Your ruling planet Mercury makes a helpful connection with Saturn, boding well for creativity and security.


Today’s lunar eclipse in fellow air sign Gemini finds you gaining a totally new perspective as you receive some unexpected news. Chatty Mercury connects with solid Saturn, creating a sense of security during this time of change.


Today’s lunar eclipse in Gemini is all about letting go and closure. This is a powerful time to pay off debts and handle issues concerning taxes. Themes concerning shared resources or inheritances may arise.


Today’s lunar eclipse in Gemini brings about major change in your relationships. You’re releasing some partnerships and gaining deeper understanding of others. Emotions are high; give yourself time to rest.


Today’s lunar eclipse in Gemini finds you kicking a habit. It’s time to change your routine and rethink your schedule—but don’t over book yourself. There’s an intense energy in the air, and you need your rest!


Today’s lunar eclipse in fellow air sign Gemini brings a radical change in your love life as well as in your creative endeavors. Intense emotions may arise, but be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to have some fun.


Today’s lunar eclipse in Gemini activates the home and family sector of your chart, bringing a tremendous shift in how you relate to your loved ones. You may be moving, or emotionally, you may be releasing something from your past that you no longer need to hold on to.

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