Dave East And Styles P Kick It With Sway Calloway On ‘TRL’

After their debut joint album Beloved was released earlier this month, rappers Dave East and Styles P had a chance to catch up with host Sway Calloway on TRL this morning.

For Dave East and Styles P, streaming numbers don’t have to be the measurement of success. Before  performing their joint-track “We Got Everything,” the duo had a candid conversation about what it means to win, noting how there’s nothing better than the feedback, getting stopped in the streets and thanked for the music you’ve created.

A little known fact about Styles: for the classic Diddy track “It’s All About the Benjamins,” he actually wrote a verse that was cut from the final track. More than 20 years later, Sway asked Styles P if he’s got any hard feelings on being chopped from one of the most definitive songs of the Bad Boy era. It’s clear that after all those years, there’s no bad blood; Styles P readily admits that a win for one is a win for all. Hear more of his thoughts on the verse he wrote for the song below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.

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