<div>Merry Christmas From Tiger Woods's Nipples</div>

Hey, uh, so, I mean…OK. Here’s the thing. Here’s a picture of Tiger Woods. He plays golf. Used to be pretty damn good at it, too. But then he had a whole thing where he was this secret sex fiend and his then wife chased him out of the house with a golf club (iron-y) when she found out, he drove his car into a fire hydrant, and then basically started sucking at golf. He dealt with a lot of injuries, personal journeys of growth, etc. etc.

Fast forward a few years to present day and Tiger played relatively well in a competitive golf tournament somewhere in Hawaii. He could be back. He could not be. So, that was a couple weeks ago. Today, Tiger posted a picture of himself shirtless, in a white wig, sunglasses, and an Oakland Raiders hat, with a frosted white goatee. He calls this character Mac Daddy Santa.

I’m not really sure what to make of it all, I think I’m just startled because I never thought I’d see Tiger’s nipples freed from the shackles of moisture wicking performance wear. Anyway, Merry Christmas from Mac Daddy Santa. His kids love it.

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