<div>Richard Sherman To Seattle Radio Guy: "I'll Ruin Your Career"</div>

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It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Richard Sherman. Most recently, the Legion of Boom member criticized the coaching staff for a goal line play call that was eerily reminiscent of the play that was eventually intercepted by Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl XLIX, sealing the win for the Patriots. After a near repeat against the Los Angeles Rams, on a pass to tight end Jimmy Graham from the one-yard line that mercifully went incomplete, he went nuts on the sideline and started hollering at coaches. Then he doubled down after the game:

He said he was letting Carroll know that “we’re not comfortable with you throwing the ball at the 1….we already know how that goes.”

He allegedly had a meeting with Pete Carroll some time thereafter and it seemed like everything had been smoothed over, until today, and Sherman’s weekly media availability. Jim Moore, a local radio host, asked Sherman whether he thought he had a better plan for what should have been called. The Seattle Times has the nuts and bolts:

“No, I just had a, we had a prior experience (the Super Bowl) so we talked about it,” Sherman replied to Moore. “But let me guess you have a better play to call. Let me guess, you have a better experience.”

When Moore said no, Sherman said “then you should probably kind of stop.”

Then, as Sherman was leaving, he approached Moore and he kept chirping at him, saying Moore did “not want to go there. You do not. I’ll ruin your career…I’ll make sure you don’t get your media pass anymore.”

And this is after they beat the Rams 24-3.

Sherman was obviously frustrated, and even the beginning of the press conference you could tell he was bristling at the questions and having to continue talking about it, though he did at least grin and bear it. Until he stopped grinning and bearing it, that is.

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