<div>Steph Curry Goes Full Heel: "The Red Sox Are My Favorite Team"</div>

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Stephen Curry has always been so likable. Look at him, he’s the baby-faced, normal-sized star in the land of giants. He’s got an adorable daughter and seemingly that perfect nuclear family. And all that talk of the Warriors being some kind of evil superteam was such hogwash. You can’t hate a team with Steph. Or at least, you couldn’t. Until now.

Curry just pledged his fealty to the Boston Red Sox. Says he’s been a lifelong fan of them, even. Remember all the crap LeBron James got for wearing a Yankees hat once? At least he kicked that. Him and J.R. Smith were basically on the Indians this October.

Curry, though, he’s deep in it. When he heard that that Yankees GM Brian Cashman called the Red Sox the Warriors of baseball after they acquired Chris Sale, Curry loved the comp.

“I like that comparison because the Red Sox are my favorite team,” Curry said. “They obviously made some splashes during the offseason, and when you play an exciting brand of baseball and you’re about winning — because that’s what we’re about — I like the comparison.”

Curry’s brother, Seth, is a Yankees fan after the two split up allegiances as kids growing up in Charlotte. Steve Kerr liked the comparison too. Because this is the Warriors’ real heel turn: jumping on baseball bandwagons.

“It was flattering,” Kerr said. “He meant that they have a star-studded roster, and that’s what we have. I certainly didn’t take any offense.”

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