‘Eat It’ singalong is the perfect response to ‘Imagine’ debacle

‘Eat It’ singalong is the perfect response to ‘Imagine’ debacle

Who’s hungry?

More than a dozen comedians joined together for an inspiring quarantine singalong with a message all the stressed, “fussy” eaters can relate to right now: “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Eat It” — the 1984 parody of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

The video comes after Gal Gadot’s celebrity “Imagine” singalong was criticized as “out-of-touch” in March, on the cusp of a global health and economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Wednesday’s video featured Bob Odenkirk — whose son battled COVID-19 — and David Cross, co-creators of the 1995-98 sketch comedy “Mr. Show.” They were joined by the series’ cast in a reunion special for charity called “The Mr. Show ‘Kidz With Beardz’ Presents: Come Join Our Zoomtacular Annual Business Call!,” to benefit Lift, a national nonprofit to benefit families battling poverty.

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