Ellen DeGeneres Scares The Entire ‘Modern Family’ Cast Live On Her Show & It’s Her Best Prank Yet

Ellen DeGeneres Scares The Entire ‘Modern Family’ Cast Live On Her Show & It’s Her Best Prank Yet

Ellen DeGeneres is a pro at scaring the hell out of her guests with wild pranks. She pulled off her best one yet, terrifying the entire cast of ‘Modern Family’ with her best celeb trickery ever.

Over the years Ellen DeGeneres has pulled off some epic pranks, terrifying her celebrity guests with surprise moments. She managed to top herself when the entire cast of Modern Family appeared on her Sept. 25 show to celebrate their 10th and final season kicking off. Ellen, 60, made it seem like she wanted to get a classy group photo along with the cast, leading them to a photo shoot next to the stage with a white background and several white blocks for the cast to sit and lean on. Except she kept one slightly taller box clear in the shot, and the photographer did “one, two, three cheese!” and the cast simply thought Ellen took a lovely keepsake with them. WRONG!

It was all just an elaborate set up to scare the crap out of them with a brilliant prank. As soon as the photo was taken and the cast started to relax, a scary clown with a terrifying fang mask popped out of the white box and yelled “boo.” It was like a horror show Jack in the Box. Jesse Tyler Ferguson was sitting the closest to the box as the stunt went down and he jumped up in shock. “Who is it? Who are you?” he demanded to know as his TV husband Eric Stonestreet helped tear apart the box.

It was just an extra Ellen hired to play the part of the clown, and the guy managed to remain curled up in a ball as the actors tried to figure out who he was. It seems like Jesse didn’t get as good a look at the culprit as other members of the cast who were further away did. Sofia Vergara was heard calmly assuring him, “It was just a clown.” Hey, even then a lot of people are afraid of clowns so that still could make it scary, besides the fact that Jesse was so caught off guard.

Ellen was in hysterics that she was able to pull of yet another of her amazing celebrity pranks. The guy in the clown costume scurried behind the white curtain on his hands and knees. But he left behind his mask which was truly terrifying. Eric held it up, showing the pale white skeletal face, red clown makeup around the nose and mouth and terrifying long fangs. “Not okay. This is not okay!” he proclaimed before throwing the mask backstage where the clown had fled. You can check out our gallery of Ellen pranking all of your favorite celebrities by clicking here.

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