Everything Our Editors Are Buying for Fall From Amazon

Everything Our Editors Are Buying for Fall From Amazon

I’m basically a servant to my own desire for instant gratification — when I want something, I want it immediately. I think several of you feel the same; otherwise Amazon wouldn’t offer their amaaazing deals on free shipping. Thankfully, they do — which is why I’m able to stock up on fall essentials basically the minute the temps start to drop (and you are too!). Here, our team is sharing the fall staples we’ve been buying (or are eyeing) from Amazon. Happy autumn, and happy shopping!




Faux Fur Lined House Slippers

I’m a Total Slipper Person(TM), meaning that I’m constantly on the hunt for the coziest, most delightful pairs my feet can find. I saw an expensive version of these at Nordstrom — and while my toes deserve the best, my wallet can’t always hang. This budget-friendly pair is going to carry me all through the winter.


High Rise Leggings

I’ve heard SO many good things about these leggings — they’re similar to Lululemon Align pants, but come at a fraction of the price. I’m pretty hard on my leggings (regular spin classes leave a lot of sweat stains, and I always put them in the dryer… Shhh!), so it makes sense for me to get an inexpensive pair I can wear to death.

Meik Wiking

The Little Book of Hygge

You’ve already heard of hygge before — the Danish term for a cozy, happy, and fulfilled life — but how do you implement the concept into your life? This book will help. Perfect for the upcoming cold months!


Half Baked Harvest

Super Simple Cookbook

I am a huge fan of Half Baked Harvest and the slow-cooker overnight oats from the last cookbook is one of my fall staples. I pre-ordered this book (arriving in October) as it is jam-packed with slow cooker recipes perfect for fall and winter.

Daily Ritual

Jersey Long-Sleeve Maxi Dress

Fall means cozy to me and my obsession with Amazon’s Daily Ritual brand continues with this easy-to-throw-on, long-sleeve jersey dress. Perfect with a pair of booties and a jacket as the temperatures start to drop.



Fabric Shaver/Lint Remover

Last year, my mom freaked out on me because all of my sweaters (inexpensive and splurge items alike) looked like a bear had mawled them. Listen, I barely do my laundry every two weeks, let alone actually give my garments the star treatment they deserve. Instead of replacing all of my beloved sweaters this year, I opted for this ultra-budget-friendly sweater shaver to get them all looking new again!


Halloween Decorations

I saw a picture on Pinterest of the most gorgeous living room decorated for Halloween, and I genuinely haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I’ve decided to emulate it as best as I can (imitation is the best form of flattery, people), and I’ve started with this Halloween banner above my TV stand. Everyone’s invited to my Halloween party except not everyone because I live in a studio that probably has a capacity of eight!


Faux Rabbit Throw Pillows

I moved into a new apartment at the beginning of the month (everyone is sick of me saying this, I am sick of me saying this, I’m so sorry), so I decided to spruce up my decor with some new pillows! These give a super cozy vibe (~cozy vibes~ is back whether you like it or not, people) and were absolutely in my budget. I also snagged my pillow inserts on Amazon too!


Century Scarf

Plaid Tartan Blanket Scarf

I live in the deep south and have spent the last six months drenched in sweat, so as soon as it became socially acceptable (September 1), I transitioned my entire life and soul over to fall. Pumpkins? Yes. Scarves you can’t wear? Yes. I am 100 percent over summer and willing fall to be here — weatherman be damned.

Nest Fragrances

Pumpkin Chai Reed Diffuser

I love a candle as much as the next basic b, but reed diffusers are the key to season-long scent wafting through your house.

Saro Lifestyle

Buffalo Plaid Blanket

Buffalo plaid is one of my favorite patterns for the fall/winter season. Buy it now and enjoy it draped across your couch for the months to come.


Tartan Blanket Shawl

For less than $20, I plan on purchasing in multiple colors. Now if only I could score some good OTK boots on Amazon fashion, my life would be complete. BRB just off to frolic in some pumpkin fields, watch a movie at the drive-in, and eat an ungodly amount of candy corn. Please don’t @ me about the candy corn… I can’t help myself.


Jason’s Brothers

Foldable Seagrass Basket

In an effort to make my studio apartment feel cozier for fall, I ordered this very on-trend basket to store throw blankets next to the couch. Not only does the basket material and stylish shape look like the stuff of Instagram dreams (I mean, these baskets are so trendy, they’re usually crazy expensive, right!?), but I love turning on “When Harry Met Sally,” lighting my pumpkin spice candle, and knowing a cozy throw blanket is only a reach away.


Milk Frother

It’s officially PSL season, and you know what that means… a lot more of your weekly budget is going to Starbucks. But why spend your hard-earned $$$ when you can DIY your own (or a much healthier version?). As soon as iced coffee season was over, I knew I had to order an easy, hand-held milk frother to recreate the lattes of my dreams. For the perfect fall treat, I’ll add almond milk to coffee, some nutmeg, and a few dashes of cinnamon (more on that below), and simply whisk it with the frother to get a luxurious, fall latte in under a minute. You can also add collagen or other superfood powders like maca for a health boost that blends easily with the milk frother. Can your PSL do that?

Simply Organic

Ground Ceylon Cinnamon

Is it just me or is there something about fall that calls for cinnamon sprinkled on, I don’t know, everything!? Whether it’s a dash in my latte, a sprinkle over oatmeal, or an added flavor boost to pumpkin ravioli, I love the warm taste of cinnamon in autumn. I always order this version from Amazon because ceylon is actually the only type that reaps all the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits cinnamon offers, because it’s less processed than your average variation. I don’t find ceylon cinnamon very often in standard grocery stores, so I make sure to stock up with this brand that I love (organic all the way!) from Amazon (plus, you can have a delicious fall latte loaded with health benefits in as little as two days with Prime… hello fall!)



Faux Fur Throw

Nothing is more fall than lighting all the candles in your apartment, wrapping up in the most ginormous faux-fur blanket you can find, clutching a hot coffee while the steam heats your face, and gazing moodily out your windows while contemplating the vastness of the universe (and also if pumpkin-spice-flavored anything is actually good or has just bamboozled us all.) ANYWAY, this blanket is perfect for such scenarios and also just general life. I like to be the most extra and open all my windows so my apartment is freezing, then cuddle under my down comforter and throw this faux fur on top of the whole shebang to sleep in the fall and winter. Perfect, burrito-level coziness.


High Waist Leopard Midi Skirt

I have recently gone deep on satin midi skirts (I am that girl now whaddayagonnado), and this one is everything I’ve ever wanted in that it doesn’t cost a million dollars and is made by a company called “Pajamasea” so you know it’s going to be comfy. I asked my sage, fashion-minded friend Beth about what shoes to pair with a satin midi in cooler temps and she said go for booties or knee-high boots that disappear under the skirt which is just about the chicest thing I have ever heard and basically all I will be wearing for the next four months THANK YOU BETH.


Amazing Grass

Green Superfood Powder

I’m all about a morning smoothie to get my day going on a nutritious start, and I ordered this to throw into my fruit smoothies for a boost of greens (when I don’t feel like making a green smoothie). The berry flavor of this blends right in with the rest of the smoothie, so I don’t taste it at all, and it’s packed with antioxidants to take me into cold season strong.

Mario Badescu

Facial Spray 2-Pack

I’m a Mario Badescu facial spray addict, so when I saw that they put it on Amazon, I couldn’t add it to my cart fast enough. I keep a big bottle of this on my vanity to finish my skincare routine with, and keep travel-sized versions in my work bag and purse. It truly is an amazing product — there’s nothing else I feel like I can spray on in the middle of the day without messing with my makeup, and it gives me a dewy, fresh-looking face immediately. I love the rose water and green tea versions equally, so this duo is a no-brainer. Do yourself a favor and stock up on these for winter when skin is more dry and irritated — it’ll be your new holy grail.


Shauna Sever

Midwest Made Cookbook

I own more cookbooks than any other books, but I just cannot resist them. This book is one of the ones I’m most anxiously awaiting. Shauna’s recipes always work and are always delicious and I absolutely cannot wait for a fall full of Midwestern baked goods (and I bet the rest of the Everygirl office agrees).

Benevolence LA

Soy Candle

I love a good candle all year long, but there’s something about them that’s especially good in the fall. Now that it’s getting a little cooler (or, at least, will someday soon), I like to swap out any citrusy floral scents for those that feel more like the season. This cashmere plum fits the bill perfectly.


R. Vivimos

Midi Dress

I totally succumbed to the recent Amazon Nightgown frenzy and, honestly, it didn’t disappoint. I bought the pink (one of the most popular colors purchased by bloggers I follow on Insta — I was clearly influenced!) and throw it on with sandals or flats almost every weekend to run errands or grab coffee with a friend. The quality of the dress is great and you seriously cannot beat the price. I’m planning to snag the dark blue to pair with booties!


Pack of 24 Tea Lights

I randomly ordered this 24-pack of flameless, battery-operated tea lights to make my apartment feel a bit more cozy for fall and they are seriously so great. They flicker just like real candles and I don’t have to worry about burning my place down when I inevitably fall asleep on my couch watching Netflix before bed. Can’t wait to incorporate them into my Christmas decor too!


Reusable Straws

My iced latte addiction is continuing into fall (anyone else NOT on the Pumpkin Spice train?! Sorry not sorry!) and though picking up my daily Starbucks is certainly not helping my bank account, I figured the least I could do is help the environment by skipping plastic straws. I love these metal straws because they’re super easy to clean and can be collapsed and stored in a cute little case that I just keep in my work tote bag each day.



Halloween Towels

I cannot resist anything with a skull on it. Is that weird? Luckily, it’s fall again, which makes all skull-bearing decor now seasonally appropriate. If it’s Halloween-themed, it’s likely in my house already, because even my kids love “the spookies,” as they affectionately call their skeletal pals. But, our Halloween dish towels needed a refresh and these fit the bill exactly – and they were on our doorstep in two days thanks to Prime. The only downside is that I lost one towel to my toddler, who took it to polish off the Halloween decor on his own play kitchen.


LED Fairy Lights

There is nothing like twinkly lights in the fall – something about them just brings warmth and coziness all around. These budget- and energy-friendly string lights are a great way to, quite literally, lighten up your seasonal decor. I love the copper wire for adding an orange-ish tint when placed with Halloween items, while still maintaining a simple, classic glow to holiday decor come December. Win, win.

La Roche-Posay

Double Repair Face Moisturizer

I know when the season is changing because my skin will all of a sudden start to tighten up with dryness. Cooler temps wreak havoc on my already dry skin, and the first sign of fall is my signal to start loading up on those ultra-hydrating skin-care items I need to take me through winter. This moisturizer is perfect for autumn – it’s still lightweight enough for warm weather, but hydrates like a much heavier cream. There’s also a daytime version that includes SPF.

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