Fantasy football: Take a look at receiver Henry Ruggs

Fantasy football: Take a look at receiver Henry Ruggs

For the majority of fantasy football leagues, the regular season ends here in Week 13. Whether you have a playoff berth locked in or you’re fighting for one, this week should be considered a must-win. As such, every point counts, and having a dead spot in your lineup could make or break your season.

Since there is only one Travis Kelce, chances are your tight end spot has been dead for much of the season. You’re certainly not finding help for that position this week, so your focus needs to be on your third wideout or flex, depending on roster requirements. Find the right low-end wideout, and you can shock the league.

When people think about the rookie wide receivers this year, they turn to Justin Jefferson, CeeDee Lamb and Tee Higgins. All three have either met or exceeded expectations, but none are likely available to you. But if you check in on the availability of Henry Ruggs, there is a good chance he is available.

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