Future Snaps On Critics Who Mocked The Rolex He Gave His Son As A Birthday Gift

Future Snaps On Critics Who Mocked The Rolex He Gave His Son As A Birthday Gift

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Monday afternoon, Atlanta rapper Future seemingly lashed out in anger on Twitter at critics online who razzed him about his birthday gift to his son, a Rolex watch, which the Wizrd rapper excitedly posted to his Instagram. While Future Sr. was clearly pretty proud of himself for gifting his son with the sort of present he never would have gotten himself at the same age, the responses to his gift reflected less admiration and more merriment at the idea of a five-year-old being able to appreciate such an expensive piece of hardware instead of, say, Avengers toys.

While a custom Rolex is indeed a rare and valuable gift that history suggests will appreciate over time, Future Zahir is of the age where face painting is still cool. Fans met Future Sr.’s post with amused reminders that little kids like things like Legos and even pondered whether or not the child actually knows how to tell time on an analogue clock face yet. However, the rapper didn’t take kindly to their suggestions, jokes, and anecdotes, using his own Twitter to hit back at those who might be laughing at him.

“How much u get paid a week for telling your business to social media??” he questioned. “These blogs should put y’all on payroll. Working for free all day is slavery.” Despite the bitterness of his initial response, he did try to leave off on a positive note: “Let’s focus on uplifting each other for free of charge if u really want to make a difference.. keep them bad vibes to yourself. If I’m happy I kno u could b happy too. Love yourself 1st and be able to live with every decision u make with no excuses.”

That’s cool and all, but maybe next time, get the kid one of those little electric cars. Those things are the best.

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