Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade’s Daughter Looks Like Dad In New Video — Comparison Pics

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade’s Daughter Looks Like Dad In New Video — Comparison Pics

Whoa — Dwyane Wade has some seriously strong genes! Fans are freaking over this new footage of the NBA player’s daughter. Little Kaavia is the spitting image of her dad!

Gabrielle Union, 46, and Dwyane Wade, 36, welcomed an adorable baby girl through a surrogate in November, but even though their daughter is literally less than a month old, it’s already easy to see which parent she looks the most like! Instead of debating over whether or not Kaavia looks like her actress momma or her NBA-playing dad, fans have all been freaking out over how strikingly similar she and Dwyane are. “It’s not often a newborn looks exactly exactly like one of the parents,” one said. “Wade, you got some strong genes omg.” Another added, “She’s her father’s twin!” So what is it exactly about the little one that makes her the spitting image of her dad? It’s in the eyes! Take a look at the side-by-side photos above to see for yourself.

These new parents have been posting constant pics of Kaavia since the day she was born whether she’s sleeping, feeding from a bottle or lying in her mom’s arms. The newborn has even taken multiple pics with Oprah, 64, which is pretty impressive considering she’s only been around for just over weeks. But this new video in particular that just got fans freaking was solo footage of the baby girl. She was on her back beneath a blanket with a binky hanging out of her mouth and her arms waving up and down. Too cute! “When my parents think they got plans on Saturday night…think again suckas,” Gabrielle — or whoever runs Kaavia’s brand new social media account — captioned the video.

But as much as Dwyane and his wife share, we just want more, more, more! From her sweet smile to her teeny tiny clothes, Kaavia couldn’t be cuter.

And while she may look exactly like her father right now, there’s no guaranteeing that she won’t grow up to be a carbon copy of her mom. Only time will tell — and she can’t go wrong either way.

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