Get Some “Relief” Courtesy of Me Not You

Get Some “Relief” Courtesy of Me Not You,

Remember Brooklyn’s Little Daylight? We do. Back in 2013 they were making the kind of sugar-dusted synth-pop that would’ve gone really well with a glass of champagne and chance encounter on an indie disco dance floor. Now two members of the band have formed Me Not You, and premiering below is the video for “Relief”—which is only the second ever song they’ve birthed into the world. “Relief” is a serrated slab of scuzzy 90s rock (suitably reflected in the video) sweetened by the singer Nikki’s vocals: a purr in the verse and a chorus that snarls. Apparently it’s a song about getting kicked out of Catholic school and the sense of catharsis and yes, relief, that came with that. 

As for the video, it’s split screen and DIY—all flickering glimpses of Nikki, cat-eyed and seductively punishing her bass, not to mention the very essential accessory: sunglasses at night. 

“We invited our friend Joseph Carlin to come up to New York from Philadelphia and be a fly on the wall all weekend,” explain the duo. “He brought a camera, shot a bunch of footage, and took it back to Philadelphia to make magic. We love the way he was able capture the raw energy of NYC.”

Watch below.

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