GQ Sports Is Here

GQ Sports Is Here

From Michael Jordan’s March 1989 cover to Odell Beckham Jr.’s August 2019 cover, GQ has spent decades giving you courtside seats to the lives, minds, and closets of the world’s coolest athletes—and we’re doubling down on that with the launch of our new YouTube channel, GQ Sports. No stats, no highlights, no announcers—that’s not our game. (Sorry, sorry, we’ll stop with the sports puns.) GQ Sports is here to get you up close and personal with the players themselves. You’ll see what they’re really like off the field, what gets them fired up, how they spend their time when they’re not talking slant routes, choke holds, or high screens.

That means showing you James Harden’s jaw-dropping watch collection, not a step-back compilation. Letting superstar wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins bless us with favorite things in “My Essentials,” and asking NBA breakout Terry Rozier and UFC fighter T. J. Dillashaw to share the personal stories behind their ink in “​Tattoo Tour.​” But now we’re going bigger and better, with a slate of new GQ Sports series:

Today you can watch the first big GQ Sports launch: “One-on-One,” a series that lets athletes go long by putting them in conversation with unexpected partners: famous super fans, musicians, directors, designers, and more. No sound-bites, no platitudes—just real dialogue that gets inside the heads of the world’s best players. Watch episode 1, with Dwyane Wade and Rick Ross talking retirement, reminiscing about the biggest clubs in Miami, recounting the lessons they learned from watching each other, and making an unexpected business plan.

But there’s so much more to come on GQ Sports. Now that athletes are officially some of the best-dressed people on earth, we’re doing what only GQ can: inviting ourselves into their homes. “The Walk-In” ​takes you inside the closets of the most stylish athletes on the planet to witness God-level sneaker collections, custom suits, and rare watches, and to hear the stories behind their favorite pieces. In “The Assist,” we’ll take you deep into the work of the geniuses in the shadows: the shot doctors, the stat mavens, the science-backed trainers, and all the other gurus who push the pros to new highs. We’ll get you a VIP pass to hallowed sports meccas and teched-out stadiums with more amenities than a first-class flight to Hong Kong in “All Access.”

Stay tuned.

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