Hailey Baldwin Spills On Whether Or Not She’s Ready To Have Kids With Justin Bieber

Hailey Baldwin Spills On Whether Or Not She’s Ready To Have Kids With Justin Bieber

A conversation about acne forced Hailey Baldwin to reveal her and Justin Bieber’s current family plans. You’ll see what we mean!

Hailey Baldwin, 22, and Justin Bieber, 24, were celibate until their legal wedding in Sept. 2018, a surprising truth revealed in their joint March cover story for Vogue. After tying the knot, their religion gave them the green light to hop in the sack. But first, Hailey got on the pill, which she revealed in a new interview on Feb. 7. Yup, that’s right — that means the supermodel’s not ready to welcome kids with the “Sorry” singer, for now! “I’ve been on birth control, which I’ve never done before, and that threw off my hormones for sure and made my skin go off,” Hailey told Refinery29. “I was getting little tiny things here and there, and they just hurt. It was like, ‘How do these hurt so bad? I talked about it with my doctor and came to find it’s because the hormones from the birth control mess with your natural balance.”

Hailey would rather welcome new pimples than babies, you see. “You just have to be patient, let it happen, and let it even out. For me, I’d take that over having a baby right now,” she explained of birth control’s side effects to Refinery29. Fair enough. While she’s not ready to be a mom yet, Hailey does use a baby product: diaper rash cream! Yes, seriously. “I have found that diaper rash cream is a great thing for bringing down redness and healing,” Hailey continued. “If you think about what it’s actually used for, which is red bumpy skin, it’s essentially the same thing.” Face masks, diaper rash cream — your new self-care routine.

Fret not, as the couple wants to welcome mini Biebers one day. Justin’s “not in too much of a rush to hurry things up,” but “he also does not want to wait too long either,” a source close to the pop star EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife, especially since Justin’s turning 25 on March 1. “He is ready, happy and excited about his future family life with Hailey and turning 25 is a milestone and a big deal to him.” Anyways, Hailey and Justin have their official wedding to focus on first! After originally being scheduled to take place on the weekend of Justin’s birthday, it was reportedly pushed back to give “plenty of warning for guests” so loved ones can make the nuptials, according to TMZ.

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