Harry Styles Puts the “Style” in “Harry Styles”

Harry Styles Puts the “Style” in “Harry Styles”

Here, Harry Styles presents a Masterclass™ in putting together le fit enorme. We should all be paying $15 a month to view and learn from this fit but somehow, miraculously, it is free. Start with the base layer: no one has ever gone wrong beginning an outfit with a white T-shirt. And while the flowing monogrammed Gucci coat will get all the attention here, look closely and you’ll see a black red-and-yellow striped cardigan layered smartly underneath. Never forget your mid-layer garment, kids! Everyone needs a Freaky Cardigan in their late-2019 rotation, and Styles found the perfect one that accurately imagines what Mister Rogers would wear if he shopped at SSENSE.

Then, yes, of course, the statement coat: made by Gucci and covered in the house’s iconic monogram, it relishes in the small details like the label still appended to the cuff. (The price of said coat? $3,500) The last ingredients in this Big Fit of the Day are the flared jeans—denim is back!—and the very casual Vans shoes. The denim newsboy cap on the other hand? Best to leave that one to the experts.

Source : The Editors of GQ Link

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