Hilaria & Alec Baldwin Explained COVID-19 to Their Kids in the Best Way

Hilaria & Alec Baldwin Explained COVID-19 to Their Kids in the Best Way

Most parents right now are juggling a million and one things. They went from being caretakers and boo-boo kissers to now teachers and playmates (all day, every day). Like the rest of us, celebrities are also grappling with how to explain COVID-19 to their children. What do you say if they ask when they can see their friends again or why their dance recital was canceled? Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, parents to four kids, basically gave us the perfect explainer guide while we’re in quarantine. 

Momma Baldwin told US Weekly that she and her husband are being careful about what they say around the children. After all, kids are like sponges and absorb our fears and frustrations. So, it’s probably best not to be talking about coronavirus 24/7 — whether you have kids or not. “They know that it’s a virus, and they know that it’s called corona. They know that that’s why they’re not going to school and can’t have playdates and can’t go and live [their] normal lives, and [why] we’re staying at home. [They know] it is because we’re being really safe and that Mommy and Daddy are gonna make as best decisions that we can to make sure that they’re safe, we’re safe and everything’s gonna be OK,” the Living Clearly Method author says.

Their oldest, Carmen Gabriela, is already 6-years-old. If there’s any Baldwin child that has an inkling of what’s going on, it’s her. Still, the fitness instructor says there’s no use in sharing any scary news. “We don’t talk about the really ugly things with them because there’s no use. They do not need to make informed decisions right now, we need to make informed decisions, so we need to be informed and they need to know enough, but not to have it start to cause anxiety.”

As we all social distance and be careful to keep our loved ones safe, we should also monitor how children are feeling emotionally — without unnecessary fearmongering.

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