How to Take and Send Nudes

How to Take and Send Nudes

As many people are doing their civic duty and practicing social distancing to try to stop the spread of COVID-19, one side effect cannot be ignored: everyone is really horny, and seemingly getting hornier by the day. We’re isolated and alone, with days spent at home stretching out in front of us like a desert with no end in sight. Porn viewership is up, sex toy sales are through the roof, and cam sites are doing well, too. While I can’t guarantee that anyone wants to have sex more than before, it’s certain that we’re all getting it less. There’s an insatiable need for connection—sexual connection, specifically. It is high time for nudes.

The act of sending someone nude photos is a salad of risk, vulnerability, and intimacy—some of the most important ingredients of horniness. While it once was somewhat taboo, it’s standard, if still spicy, fare these days. One survey found that about one third of people under 45 have sent nude photos before, and I would be shocked if that number hasn’t gone up during our winter of distancing. Virtually everyone surveyed is at least on board with sexts, but how do you make the jump from flirty sexting to nudes? And how, if called upon, do you take a hot pic yourself? Let me—and some of my fellow nude enthusiasts—tell you the rules.

The lead up is the most important part

Whether we’re talking in-person or on-screen, seeing your body naked is still seeing your body naked. You should therefore never surprise a person with a nude pic unless you two have a longstanding relationship where you frequently show each other your naked bodies. Okay? Obviously, you should only be sending nudes to someone who asked for them, but you should also be building up to the ass selfie or sultry bedroom shot just like you would with real life nudity.

So, you want to start by exchanging verbal sexts before you get to visual stuff. And it’s typical to ask someone to show something of themselves before you offer up your own pics, but if you really want to send before receiving, it can be finessed. The key is to ask if they’re down to see something. You can straight up say, “I’m so turned on; can I send a pic?” Or you can be a little more subtle, like, “I wish I could show you how hard I am,” and let them take the next step and ask.

Just because someone has sent you a naked photo does not mean they’re expecting you to send one back. You should still give someone a heads up before you reciprocate. And of course, you never have to.

Butts never fail, but feel free to branch out

Butts are pretty much universal in their appeal, so don’t be afraid to show it off. As Kelly put it, “I like to see some ass and thighs. Men don’t show their asses to us enough, to be honest.” Use a mirror if you feel like you can’t get the angle right, or lie on your stomach and take a photo over your shoulder.

But (not a pun), don’t be afraid to send pics of less traditionally sexy body parts. Nicole, 25 from Chicago said, “I’m into chest hair, so I used to sext with a guy who knew that and would send pics of his torso mostly, with just a hint of dick.” Multiple people I talked to extolled the virtues of the classic lifted shirt pic, “The best nude photo I’ve ever received was a guy pulling up his shirt with his teeth, revealing his abs and pecs…Sounds super cliché but he pulled it off,” said Marina, 23, from Drammen, Norway.

You don’t have to go full nude

We all understand the potential danger of nude photos, unfortunately. Of course, in an ideal world it’s not a big deal that someone—gasp—has a naked body, but clearly we don’t live in that world. So to adjust, keep your face out of the picture along with any identifying tattoos (if you can and you want to take that precaution). But also know that you don’t have to go full nude to be sexy.

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