Is Andrew Scott Just In It For the Outfits?

Is Andrew Scott Just In It For the Outfits?

During the second season of Fleabag, Andrew Scott, playing the Hot Priest, lovingly caresses his plum-colored vestment, the first one he ever got. “Sometimes I worry,” he says, “I’m only in it for the outfits.” (It’s a feeling we here at GQ can relate to, but one we’re less concerned about.) But the line feels like it is starting to apply to real-life Andrew Scott, Hot Actor. Famous, handsome Hollywood types have the opportunity and means to wear all sorts of beautiful outfits—an opportunity that Scott is cashing in on.

Take what transpired Sunday night for example: at the 25th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards, Scott made the most of his time on the red carpet. The actor wore a crimson-red double-breasted suit from Berluti and layered a shimmering pink disco shirt made out of silk underneath. It’s the sort of dreamy pin-this-to-your-Valentine’s-Day-mood-board Big Fit of the Day that, were Scott just in it for the outfits, would make the whole acting thing totally worth it.

Andrew Scott at the Critics’ Choice Awards in Santa Monica, January 12, 2020.Steve Granitz / Getty Images

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