It Took This YouTuber Five Years to Have 100 Babies In The Sims 4

It Took This YouTuber Five Years to Have 100 Babies In The Sims 4

Lilsimsie is one of the most popular Sims YouTubers, and part of that has to do with the sheer tonnage of content she creates. Despite living in Florida, and living through several tropical storms that have knocked out her internet, Kayla Sims uploads every day. Her work ethic is only matched by her infectious personality—and the curiosity of someone growing up through their content. 

In the five years it took her to complete one 100 Baby Challenge in The Sims 4, Lilsimsie graduated both high school and college. Watching along with her as she turns into a confident adult is part of the joy.

The point of a 100 Baby Challenge is, you guessed it, to have 100 babies. Given that you can only have eight Sims in a family, you basically always need to have an entirely full household and a new baby daddy on lock. Once your Sim can no longer give birth, you elect a new heir from your children and continue on your journey.

Challenges are pretty much the bread and butter of Sims YouTube content. The Sims doesn’t have a win state, so players have basically made their own. The 100 Baby Challenge is one of the oldest challenges for The SIms, dating back to the second game in the series. Completing the challenge is more a matter of stamina than skill. YouTuber Plumbella made it halfway there in two hours just by min maxing her entire Sims experience.

One Simsie’s longest running series was the 100 Baby Challenge, which she started when she was a 16-year-old high schooler. In the latest video in the series, which recaps most of the challenge, she goes back to the series’ premiere, back when she was going by Toffeechocolate. Hearing her teenage voice, squeaky and unsure of herself, is like having all of time collapse in on itself. She sounds like a baby! Did I sound like that at 16? I thought I was so mature.

Lilsimsie’s 100 Baby series is remarkable on its own merits; it just becomes increasingly deranged as the years go on. What starts with an earnest teenager tooling around with their new YouTube channel ends with having sex with Shrek. 

I have made an attempt at this challenge, failing miserably as my Sim succumbed to the stress of trying to raise several toddlers at once. If raising an actual toddler is anywhere near as tedious and irritating as it is in The Sims 4, I’m good on the whole motherhood thing. Those little fuckers never let you sleep.

Lilsimsie, on the other hand, developed a system for raising children that I can only describe as a child jail. In this challenge, you can age up and move out your children more quickly if you meet a series of milestones. In order to accomplish this, Lilsimsie literally locks the toddlers in their own room using a doggie door. 

Only toddlers can use this door, and the toddler room is packed with items that allow toddlers to meet their own needs. There’s basically no need to talk to or interact with a toddler in Lilsimsie’s game until they’re ready to age up. Child and teenager Sims are perpetually working on school projects to raise their skills and their grades. It’s incredibly efficient, and also deeply disturbing. Making matters even more dystopian, Lilsimsie’s final heir was literally a Sim of herself, Kayla Sims, raising her various offspring with an iron fist.

Although Lilsimsie says that there’s no reason why this challenge should have taken so long—can’t argue with that—having a weekly document of your life for five years is utterly unique to the world that we currently live in. Although Lilsimsie graduated college during this endeavor, completing the challenge almost feels like a bigger milestone given that her graduation was canceled due to COVID-19. One thing I noticed when I watched the most recent video about the challenge, where she compares her old content to her new content, is how much more sure of herself she sounds. I too was a shy nerd in high school who spent a lot of time on the internet. Watching Lilsimsie’s tiny victory of completing this challenge is a little bit like giving a high five to my past self, who never thought she’d amount to anything.

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