Jana Kramer Snuggles With Mike Caussin After Topless Photo Drama

Jana Kramer Snuggles With Mike Caussin After Topless Photo Drama

(L-R) Jana Kramer, Mike Caussin Instagram

Jana Kramer posted an affectionate photo with her husband, Mike Caussin, days after she discovered a photo of a topless woman that had been texted to him.

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The One Tree Hill alum, 35, shared a photo on Instagram on Saturday, October 12, that showed her wrapping her arm around her husband, 32, for a selfie in their bedroom. She captioned the pic with a red heart.

Kramer also posted a series of clips on her Instagram Stories that showed her getting into bed with Caussin at 8:22 p.m. and joking that going to bed so early is “what dreams are made of.”

Jana Kramer Snuggles With Husband Mike Caussin After Topless Photo Drama
(L-R) Jana Kramer, Mike Caussin Instagram

The show of togetherness came less than a week after the country singer revealed that she and the former NFL player hit another rough patch in their marriage.

In the October 6 episode of their “Whine Down” podcast, Kramer revealed that she found a text message with a pic of a topless woman on Caussin’s Apple Watch after he deleted the message — from a person he didn’t know — from his phone.

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“I saw it, and … my heart just fell. I was like, it’s here. It’s happened again. I’m such a f–king idiot … Like, how is this happening again?” she said, referencing Caussin’s history as a recovering sex addict. “I don’t want to live this kind of life. We just moved into this beautiful house, and we had our second kid, and we fought so hard. Why is this happening again?”

Kramer, who shares daughter Jolie, 3, and son Jace, 10 months, with the athlete, also brought up her husband’s relapse last year. (Caussin has been in treatment for more than three years but only sober for about 18 months.)

In March, she implied that she almost caught her husband cheating a year earlier but “showed up at the hotel instead” of the person he’d been planning to hook up with.

“Whether he ends up meeting with someone or not … That last relapse, he almost did, and I was going to sign the papers,” she said in the October 6 episode. “So it’s like, he gets even close to the fire, and I’m gone. I’m like, does he not know that and realize that and love our family enough?”

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Caussin acknowledged how difficult the situation is for his wife, who later admitted that they’d spent 24 intense hours “not talking to each other.”

“It’s just one of those things that’s just difficult to navigate,” he said. “It’s beyond hurtful to see Jana hurt and upset and feel things that she feels because of the things I’ve done in the past.”

Us Weekly broke the news in September 2016 that the former Buffalo Bills player had cheated on Kramer “multiple times with multiple women,” and he subsequently sought treatment for sex addiction at a rehab facility.

In the new episode of their “Whine Down” podcast on Sunday, October 13, Kramer admitted that she is in a “really awkward situation” that she thinks makes her look weak as she stays with her husband despite his relapses and fears that he will cheat on her again.

“I’m not saying it’s weak to stay, I’m not saying it’s weak to leave,” she said. “I’m just saying for me personally and where I’m at and how many times. … I’m now like, it’s weakening me by staying.”

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