Jared Harris Doesn’t Want Your Big Movie Role

Jared Harris Doesn’t Want Your Big Movie Role

This was only a few decades ago, really. It’s easy for armchair critics to think, well that was then, this is now. I think we’re seeing that misinformation and the bluster of governments is still such a huge—

Oh my, yes. I think that now largely because it’s been bolstered by the manipulation facts on social media so much that people are willingly choosing their sources of information, so you can become willfully ignorant with what the other points of view are. You just trim them off.

If Chernobyl happened today…

There would be websites that suggest that it was a dastardly plot by Western operators and Western security cells.

It’s astounding how scary radiation is and how it works. This felt like a horror series sometimes.

Those guys had no idea. They thought they were just going to a fire. No one was properly trained to deal with it. And even after that, they were told that vodka protected you: keep drinking vodka.

Okay, well there are worst things to tell someone who’s going to die, so I suppose …

The thing is, that’s to assume that they wouldn’t have done it and they take their dignity or their choice away from them. They would have, and they did.

And it’s true that the world will feel the ramifications of Chernobyl for thousands more years.

The half life some of those elements is 25,000 years, so it means that it’s going to be most virulent for 25,000 years and then spend the next 25,000 slowly degrading, so that’s 50,000 years for some of it. When you think about … We’re in 2019, right? You can go back to 3,000 BC with Egyptian civilization and Babylonian, Chinese, so five times longer than humans have been recording their civilizations on the earth, that’s still going to be a problem area.

One thing I really admired about Chernobyl was: I feel like when an English-language show is set in a foreign country, there are generally two directions creators go, which is either give everyone an approximate accent, or have them speak in the native language of the setting. This does neither.

Yes, that whole thing is really ignorant but first of all, they wouldn’t have been speaking English with any kind of accent. So that’s number one, so admittedly it’s dumb from that point of view. The same goes, they wouldn’t be speaking Russian, they’re Ukrainians. So, that’s dumb from the second point of view, and third thing is, if you wanted them all to be speaking in their correct language, it would’ve been a production within that country hiring those actors.

You don’t go see Romeo and Juliet and complain they aren’t speaking it with Italian accents or Hamlet, they’re not doing the Danish accent. Or even when watching Westerns, they’re doing it with American accents but that accent didn’t exist back then. They were Dutch, Irish, Scottish, German, French, Italian…

I’d love a Scottish-Italian Western. Did you see Death of Stalin?

Yes. I think one of the liberating things was it didn’t bother anybody with an accent. Even Jason Isaacs kept his accent.

Would it be fair to say, to a layman, your first major mainstream role was Mad Men?


You began that show in 2009 when you were 47. Was there a point where you were worried about ever getting that big role everyone would see?

I did off-Broadway and small movies for such a long time because it was fun. The work was fun and interesting. And I didn’t have to worry about money, so I was lucky. I suppose I’d say is that your realization that, that the industry changed in the sense that you couldn’t break through that way, with small films. I went to Sundance many times. People just weren’t going to notice. Hollywood wasn’t paying attention.

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