Jennifer Lopez ‘Trying Hard Not To Fall Head Over Heels’ In Love With Drake

Jennifer Lopez ‘Trying Hard Not To Fall Head Over Heels’ In Love With Drake, Jennifer Lopez Being Careful With Drake

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Jennifer Lopez’s love don’t cost a thing (she said it herself!), but that doesn’t mean she’s rushing to commit. The singer is actually ‘trying hard not to fall head over heels’ with Drake, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Here’s the scoop!

Maybe it’s better not to put all your eggs in one basket. “Jennifer [Lopez] is trying hard not to fall head over heels for Drake,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She has NOT been gushing about her new romance to friends or family, and instead has been trying to play it all cool. She wants to keep things between them easy, light and fun.” Hey, no harm in that! There’s no need to rush to put a label on things if both people in the relationship are happy!

And when we say happy, that’s actually an understatement. The new couple are clearly OVER THE MOON for each other, as they were spotted giggling like teenagers over a romantic dinner at Nobu in Malibu. This restaurant is a serious celeb hot spot constantly surrounded by tons of photographers, which means they’re not interesting in keeping their romance a secret. They started out coy, but now it’s full steam ahead.

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It’s all rainbows and butterflies right now, but for how long? JLo, 47, like us, realizes the “One Dance” rapper, 30, is a ladies man who may have trouble committing to just one beauty. “She knows Drake is a bit of a player, so to help her avoid getting whipped on him, she is trying to take things slow and not put any pressure on him,” the source continues. “The last thing Jennifer wants is for Drake to do something to make her look foolish or feel like she has been played.”

HollywoodLifers, can you blame Jen for not rushing into things?

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