Jewel opens up about homelessness, mental health struggle

Jewel opens up about homelessness, mental health struggle

Jewel candidly recalled her terrifying days being homeless and shoplifting before she made it as a pop star.

“There have been days where I was homeless for a year, when I was 18 and absolutely terrified,” she said, “having panic attacks, shoplifting … days I thought I would just pass out. I have passed out from panic attacks actually, but I kept standing up.”

The singer opened up at a virtual town hall — hosted by public media station WETA in DC and the National Alliance on Mental Illness — to launch a campaign called Well Beings.

The “Who Will Save Your Soul” singer shared, “Feelings and thoughts are like the weather … My tremendous anxiety, my panic attacks — not every thought and feeling is a fact. Just because it’s happening in my brain doesn’t mean it’s the truth … Learning to let it pass through my brain like the weather is a skill that really served me well.”

Matthew McConaughey, Kid Cudi, Billy Porter, Demi Moore and Alanis Morissette provided video messages for the town hall. Ken Burns is executive producing a film as part of the Well Beings initiative.

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