Joel Embiid Spoke To Reporters While Staring At The Floor For Some Reason

Joel Embiid Spoke To Reporters While Staring At The Floor For Some Reason

There’s never a dull moment with Joel Embiid. Since the day entered the league, he developed quite a reputation for his social media presence, using various platforms to talk trash to other players, mercilessly tease his teammates about their looks, and shoot his shot with Instagram models.

Some of that has quieted down in recent years as Embiid has channeled his focus to the court and worked to lead the Sixers into championship contention. Their disappointing playoff run last season at the hands of the eventual champs has given him plenty of motivation to seize the mantel the Eastern Conference’s prohibitive favorite this year.

But every now then, he simply can’t help himself. So during a media scrum over the weekend, Embiid opted to address reporters while bent over staring at the floor for some reason.

There was speculation that Embiid maybe was trying to hide his face for some reason, but it would appear to simply be Joel deciding to mess with the photographers looking to snap some photos of him in the scrum.

Nevertheless, he and the Sixers will kick off the regular season on Wednesday night at home against the Celtics, who are likewise considered one of the powerhouses of the East. We’ll have to wait until then to find out whether he’ll resume his media responsibilities in the upright position.

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