Johnny Depp’s ex assistant claims Amber Heard ‘was the abuser’

Johnny Depp’s ex assistant claims Amber Heard ‘was the abuser’

Amber Heard put Johnny Depp through “years” of physical and verbal abuse — and never leveled claims that he attacked her while they were together, Depp’s former personal assistant claimed Monday.

Stephen Deuters said in a written witness statement that he was “extremely surprised and outraged” when Heard, 34, filed for a restraining order because “Heard was the abuser in the relationship.”

“At no point did Ms. Heard ever mention any physical abuse and I never saw evidence of any injury to Ms. Heard,” he claimed of the “many occasions” he was with her during her relationship with his boss.

“In contrast, Mr. Depp told me on multiple occasions that Ms. Heard had attacked him or abused him physically and verbally.”

Deuters was with the couple “very regularly” and never saw any signs of injury on the “Aquaman” actress, he said in the statement submitted as part of Depp’s libel case against The Sun newspaper.

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