Kailyn Lowry Threatens To ‘Leak Info’ On Javi Marroquin & Fiancee After Major Fight & 911 Call

Kailyn Lowry Threatens To ‘Leak Info’ On Javi Marroquin & Fiancee After Major Fight & 911 Call

Kailyn Lowry’s not too happy that Javi Marroquin allegedly ‘accused’ her of wanting to leak sensitive information about her ex-husband and his fiancee, Lauren Comeau. The MTV star is now entertaining the idea of doing just that!

Don’t provoke Kailyn Lowry. Amid rumors of a split and blowout fight between her fellow Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin, 26, and his fiancée Lauren Comeau, Kailyn revealed that she may have even more drama to share. “@Javimarroquin9 wants to text me asking if I’m leaking the info about him & his girl. I’m about to,” Javi’s ex-wife tweeted on Aug. 21. Javi’s alleged inquiry rubbed Kailyn the wrong way, because she added, “I could have by now and I have not but if I’m being accused I might as well, right?” Kailyn even seemed to suggest that she recently got mixed up with Javi and Lauren’s current situation, because she added in another tweet, “First they call you to the scene to be a solution… but now you must be the problem ???.”

If Kailyn does indeed have receipts to share, it would provide some answers to the mysterious rumors that suddenly befell Javi and Lauren these past few days. The couple, who had just become engaged on June 17, were subject to a house visit from cops on Aug. 17. “Saturday, August 17 we responded to the address at 10:52 at night for a disturbance. However there was no crime committed to our knowledge and no arrests were made,” The Dover Police Department told HollywoodLife. While no one was taken into custody, something allegedly “major went down” between Javi and Lauren, who were reportedly having a get-together with friends that night, sources told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “They fight constantly, but this one was really bad,” the sources claimed, who clarified that the fight was “verbal” and not physical. We reached out to Javi for comment on the report, but didn’t hear back.

After the cops visited the couple’s home, Javi went on to repost a troubling message about “losing everything” to his Instagram Story on Aug. 19. He and Lauren were also no longer following one another on Instagram by then. But in a surprising turn, Javi didn’t suggest there was any beef between him and Lauren in newly released audio from a 911 call — instead, he called to complain about his sister Lidia, 31! “I’m trying to get someone out of my house. I’m trying to go to sleep, but they won’t leave,” Javi told the dispatcher, adding, “It’s a sibling, a sister.”

Javi is yet another ex that Kailyn now has beef with (they share a son, Lincoln, 5). Instead, it was Jo Rivera whom the MTV star directed her anger at during the Aug. 8 episode of her Coffee Convos podcast. They butted heads after Kailyn broke her custody agreement by booking a flight to Hawaii earlier than planned, meaning Jo didn’t get his eight scheduled hours with their son Isaac, 9, on July 4. Kailyn found his alleged stubbornness unreasonable, and even said that she faced no pushback from Javi and her other co-parent, Chris Lopez, over the vacation plans!

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