Kim Kardashian Takes Aim At Lori Loughlin & Felicity Huffman – Watch

Kim Kardashian Takes Aim At Lori Loughlin & Felicity Huffman – Watch

Kim Kardashian spoke out about the Operation Varsity Blues Scandal in an upcoming CNN interview. ‘I would never want to use my privilege,’ Kim said.

Kim Kardashian, 38, has an opinion about the college admissions scandal that affected actresses Felicity Huffman, 56, and Lori Loughlin, 54. Kim spoke to CNN‘s Van Jones in an upcoming interview, and in a new clip, Kim didn’t hold back. The mom of North, 5, Saint, 3, and Chicago, 1, revealed that she wouldn’t want to use her privilege to help her kids get ahead. “If they couldn’t get into a school, I would never want to use privilege to try to force them into a situation that they wouldn’t thrive in anyway,” Kim said. “So that’s where I see that is not appropriate.”

“When you have so much accessible, so many things that are just presented to you – I just want my kids to be as grounded as possible,” Kim continued. “And to buy your way into something just wouldn’t benefit anybody.” Kim also revealed that she wants to be a good example for her young children and show them what it’s like to work hard. Kim is currently working on an apprenticeship in California to take the bar exam and become a lawyer. Despite her lack of college education, Kim has used her social clout for good and worked on Alice Marie Johnson’s clemency with President Donald Trump, 72, in 2018 to get Alice out of prison.

“Working hard, to me even, having my kids see me studying, leaving and going into an office a few days a week, studying all the time, coming home,” Kim pointed out. “I have my backpack, they have their backpack. They’re studying, I’m studying. Them seeing I have this filming career, I’m having makeup samples tested all over my arm while I’m trying to read my flashcards and all this stuff, I hope that they get inspired to know that they can put in the hard work. And even though I’m in my late 30s and I’m just finishing college or attempting to do that now, it’s never too late and there really is no easy way out.”

Kim also spoke about the reaction to the news that she was studying to become a lawyer. Kim said other people didn’t understand, and they didn’t know about all of the work and hours she’s putting into her law career. We’re proud of you, Kim, and we see how hard you’re working!

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