Knicks fans would love Obi Toppin to be source of envy

Knicks fans would love Obi Toppin to be source of envy

It is probably a little greedy for Knicks fans to ask Obi Toppin to show up in a couple of weeks and be an instant megastar, the way Kareem was back in the day, or Magic, or Shaq. That isn’t realistic, so it’s silly to even speculate. For all his accomplishments at Dayton, Toppin remains a growth stock. His future is far more intriguing than his present.

You know what’s a reasonable goal for Toppin, and for the people who will latch their hopes onto his engine with the furious fervor of true believers?

For some other fan base — in Utah or Denver, in Miami or Minneapolis — to look up some day soon, look at Obi Toppin, and see the same things, say the same things, that Knicks fans have said in recent years when they’ve discovered Jamal Murray on a late-night TNT game, when they’ve marveled at Donovan Mitchell on an ESPN game, when they’ve ogled Tyler Herro on an NBA TV telecast.

“Damn,” you want those out-of-town fans to mutter to themselves. “I knew he was good.”

“But this good?”

Obi Toppin
Obi Toppin

You want that envy. You want that jealousy, because you know it well, you’ve let it fill you on the many nights when you see young stars elsewhere, doing wonderful things, filling other basketball cities with the kind of hope New York City now craves. Surely Toppin can be that.

Surely there can come a day when a fan in Cleveland or Charlotte or Detroit or Atlanta watches him play, looks up his page on, and asks: “We could’ve gotten him first?”

“Yeah, we were surprised,” Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau said Tuesday, recalling draft night as one player after another fell off the board and Toppin was still there for them at No. 8. “We liked the position we were in and we thought it might be a possibility. We thought there was one other team that could be in the way.”

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